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Top YouTube Intro Maker Websites in 2020

Videos are consumed by millions of people every day, making it the most viewed content. Nowadays, it is easier to make videos, too, especially when you have the best youtube intro makers. To get started on making videos as a brand, you’ll need the right tools to create the intro of your videos. While there are several ways to get it done, you can try inexpensive options, which are definitely worth checking out as a creator.

We have decided to compile a list of the best tools to help create a proper introduction to the video to help you.

List of Best Intro Maker Tools

1) Quik

You can consider this app as a companion to your GoPro as the makers of GoPro have made this android app,  it means that you will get all the required tools to start editing your videos. The best part about this app is that you can simply add images and videos from the phone’s gallery and let the app work its magic. You can also add music along with text to the video. In order to make the editing better, the app is also loaded with built-in themes to help you set the right tone for the video. The themes have their own transition and effects.

Besides, you can add GPS stickers to the footage too!

Since it is touted to be a companion app with GoPro, it is freely available on the Google Play store and has no ads or in-app purchases. It is the best video maker app and works well with smartphones and tablets.

2) Videoshop

Videoshop is yet another handy app that can help you deal with your editing worries, especially when you don’t have a working computer nearby. The app works on android mobile and is loaded with an array of animations, effects, and features that can be used for logo reveal and proper shaping of the intros. It also comes with the ability to slow or reverse videos for an added special effect. Users will also be delighted to know that the app doesn’t leave any watermark on the videos, which is something most video creators worry about.

Using Videoshop, you can add a voiceover effect to the edited video, saving you time in the editing process. Once you have the desired intro, you can share it directly on any social media platform of your choice.

The app features plenty of effects though not all of them are free. The app uses a freemium model, which requires you to spend some money in case you like a particular effect not present in the standard version. However, pretty much most of the animation, as well as effects, are free. It works flawlessly and is a great tool to help you create exciting video content. The free version of this app comes with in-app ads and purchase options.

3) Tube Arsenal

Tube Arsenal is a relatively new app but offers you a set of comprehensive tools to get amazing intro videos. It provides a collection of intros to help you choose from, and one let down is the presence of paid templates. This means that you will have to pay for some template you like. The app can be considered suitable for seasoned YouTubers rather than creators who are just starting out.

There are also some caveats for creators, particularly that you need to spend around $4 more from the high definition intro. Along with this custom, templates start from $9 and go up to $15. However, with the pricing going up, you can be assured that you get the best templates available. We suggest you check out the various effects templates to make unique videos.

Tube Arsenal is entirely online and means that you don’t need to download any software on your phone or computer for usage. The disadvantage is that you don’t have a mobile app to make quick videos. Using the software doesn’t require any prior experience as it is easy to operate and make changes in videos.

4) Biteable

Biteable is another freemium app worth trying, especially if you are looking to edit intro videos with minimal effort. There are plenty of templates available on offer, and the best part is that most of them are free of cost. There is the premium option as well if you wish to try the rest of the templates available on the app. This tool is highly recommended if you prefer to keep things simple. There are not a lot of flashy options available; this style might not appeal to some content creators. But with that being said, it is effortless to navigate and offers a wide range of choices, making it one of the best tools available.

However, no app is without any limitations. The free users will have to bear with the watermark feature. However, it can be bypassed if you take up a premium subscription, starting from $99 a year. One of the perks is the chance to select from over 80 thousand plus templates. It is also worth noting that the app can easily render 2D intros but lacks 3D support. It is best recommended that you try a free version of the app prior to taking up the premium version.

5) InVideo

Using the app, you can create free and creative YouTube videos as per your requirements. InVideo editor provides everything you need in order to design, create, and edit an aesthetic video. This app comes with a freemium option, and you can access the premium stock footage from the library to enhance your video by taking up the membership at $20.00 per month. The intuitive YouTube video editor comes with packed features to help you save precious time while editing.

The app’s video editor allows you to make videos from your media quickly. You can also choose from the massive media library having astounding music and effects. You can get your videos out in no time with the app and use that time to create more videos and eventually grow your business.


To select the editor that works the best for your brand and videos, you have to know your requirements. We suggest you try out this video editor and if it doesn’t suit your requirements then you can find other editors that work the best for you.


Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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