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Types of reel and which one is best for beginner

Nothing compares to the joy of fishing for the avid angler. Fishing is one of the most popular sport the world over! This serene hobby has enthusiasts of all ages! It is great for the mind and the body. Early humans probably started fishing before hunting.

Fishing as a sport or a hobby, however, is fairly recent. If you are new to the hobby, you may be confused about what to buy as there are so many products available. This guide will delve into different types of reel and which one best for a beginner.

Before we go into the kinds of reel available, you need to realize that the kind of reel depends on what rod you use. Once you decide what rod you are going to buy, you can then decide on the kind of reel you want to use. Reels are broadly classified into three types-

  1. The Spincast Reel

All of the important components in a spincast reel are kept underneath a nose cone. This reel has a closed face. There is a hole in the cover to let out the fishing line. While casting forward, the button on the back of the reel is pushed down. The line is cast out if the button is pushed and stops when you stop pressing the button.

For a beginner, the spincast reel is ideal as it is easy to use. According to the Spincast reel reviews, it is the best beginner reel. It doesn’t cause any backlash and your line hardly gets twisted or snagged. Another upside to the spincast reel is that it is inexpensive. However, it is not accurate and or cast as far as the other types of reel.

The Spincast Reel

  1. The Spinning Reel

The spinning reel is the most popular reel used by many hobbyists and pros. Unlike the spin cast reel, this reel has an open-faced design and it is pretty easy to cast. They can be cast quickly, are more accurate and can cast further than the spin-cast reel.

This reel has a good line capacity. You can put a lot of fishing lines into one. You can also get buy reel with an extra spool for easy changing if you run out of line. The reel also gives a nice balanced feeling as it hangs underneath the rod. The line flows freely because the spinning fishing reel has a fixed spool. Great for casting light lures!

This reel though is a little tricky for beginners. They need to put in a lot of practice to become good at using it. It is also dangerous as in improperly cast, it may backlash! Though it can last longer and more accurately than the spin-cast reel, it is more expensive. Also, it doesn’t work well with a heavy line.

  1. The Baitcasting Reel

This reel is more advanced than the other two. The baitcasting reel requires a lot of skill and practice to use effectively. These reels are best suited for experienced anglers. In this reel, the spool rotates as the line is released. They are far more accurate and cast much further than the other two.

This reel if mastered will take your fishing up by several notches. It also has the option of fast and power retrieve, very handy while catching heavy fish that fight hard. Though baitcasting reel performs better than the others, it is more prone to backlashes and tangles.

You need to use your thumb while feeding out the line to control this reel. Besides being tough to master, it is way more expensive than the other two reels.

Which one is best for the beginner?

After reading the above, you must be well versed in the three types of fishing reels and how they work. You now will find it much easier to buy the best reel and rod combination that suits you.

If you have some experience in fishing and feel adventurous, you can opt for a spinning reel. These reels require a little practice to cast well. But with a few days of practice, you can become fairly good with it. After a couple of fishing seasons, you will become quite proficient.

For a beginner angle, however, spin casting fishing reel is the best choice. It is easy to use and has minimum backlash or tangling issues. You will not have to worry about those things and enjoy your first foray into fishing in peace.  These reels are also the least expensive of the lot.

Concluding thoughts

To sum up, you can catch fish without any expensive fishing equipment. Many people vouch by handlining- where fish is caught with just a handheld line, hook and bait. Many also do spearfishing. Many children have caught whoppers on a simple line attached to a stick!

What is important, whether you are a beginner or a veteran fisherman, you must enjoy the hobby. That is why a beginner needs to start without too complicated a rig. An easy to use rig will result in a pleasant enjoyable experience that will lure you into the world of fishing.

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