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Methods That Will Help You Give Up Smoking for Good

Smoking is quite a dangerous habit that has claimed the lives of many people in recent years. What makes it hazardous is that it not only endangers the life of the people smoking but also those around them. It is sad to find out that you are affected by a smoking-related disease, but you have never engaged in the habit. It is never too late to decide to stop smoking, and the earlier you quit, the more time you give your body to repair itself. Quitting smoking is considered a difficult thing to achieve, and sadly, that is true. The reason why many are still hooked to the habit though they know of its danger is addiction. What makes people addicted to cigarettes is a substance known as nicotine. Though you do not need cigarettes for your body to function normally, nicotine will create that sense of dependency. Nicotine is not what makes tobacco cigarettes dangerous, but rather the many toxic chemicals found in them including tar and carbon monoxide. Here are ways you should consider helping you stop smoking for good.

Set a Specific Day to Stop Smoking

Once you have made up your mind to stop smoking, the first thing you should do is set a specific day to quit smoking officially. Picking a particular day will play a significant role in your quitting journey. You will be ready both physically and mentally. Not setting a date may not be the best choice since you may end up changing your mind in the long run. You can decide to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you use before the day you stop entirely. Going cold turkey only works for a few since the majority of the people quitting struggle with withdrawal symptoms.


A much safer alternative to smoking is vaping, which has gained popularity in recent years. Many studies have come out and there is viable evidence on the significance of vaping in helping people stop smoking. As stated earlier, what makes people addicted to cigarettes is nicotine. Nicotine is not harmful, and it can be found in tea leaves and some vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes. E-cigs and vape pens only contain nicotine, making them safer. They are much more effective compared to other nicotine replacements like gum and patches. Since vaping is common, you can easily buy vape pens and e-cigs at any electronic cigarette store online and have it delivered to your doorstep. Furthermore, you can regulate the amount of nicotine you use, and this will enable you to gradually reduce it to the point that you do not require it.

Inform Your Family and Friends

When you decide to quit smoking, it is vital to inform your friends and family about your decision. Your friends and family will play an essential role in your journey as they will provide the necessary support. If, for some reason, you don’t get help from those close to you, joining a support group will be wise.


Use the ways mentioned earlier to help you stop smoking and live a healthier life.

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