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The Urban Lifestyle in Australia – Freedom and Independence

The traditional urban lifestyle involves living in the suburbs and making the daily trek to the office (who doesn’t love that!); living in the CBD is too expensive, plus there aren’t the amenities you need close by. There is, however, an alternative that ticks all the boxes and it comes in the form of a vibrant rental community that is located in the CBD, with everything you need onsite.

Urban Lifestyle in Australia

New type of rental lifestyle

Imagine the perfect urban living solution where you pay no bond and can stay for as long as you wish! You don’t need to ask permission to decorate and the complex is pet-friendly, which means you can keep your four-legged friend living with you. Check out the amazing Melbourne CBD apartments for rent in an urban lifestyle community, which offers luxury living in the centre of the city.

Regain lost time

Let’s say you normally spend 45 minutes getting to work and the same amount of time to get home; that’s 90 minutes per day that you are losing. That equates to 7.5 hours per week; time that could be spent relaxing if you lived in the CBD section, and with all the amenities you need onsite, urban life is convenient. Time is precious and eliminating travel time is a big plus for anyone who works in the city and with all the facilities you need at hand, while live anywhere else?

Onsite amenities

The onsite amenities would include the following:

  • Swimming pool (indoor & out)
  • Tennis courts
  • Fitness centre
  • Indoor sports room
  • Laundry services
  • Restaurants
  • Convenience stores
  • High speed Internet connectivity

The well-kept grounds are perfect for an early morning stroll or enjoying the sunset; many residents jog around the gardens to get their daily exercise.

Low living expenses

With an all-inclusive rental, your bills will be a lot less and with no travel costs, you can put money aside for a foreign holiday once a year. In fact, you could sell your car, which would also slash your living costs; on the odd occasion you need a set of wheels, you can rent one. The mass transport systems work very sell and many residents ride a bicycle to and from their work in the CBD. You will meet many like-minded people when you move into a vibrant urban development that is designed around 21st century needs. Click here to learn how to build a website from scratch.

Local attractions

If you relocate to the stunning LIV community in Melbourne CBD, you are only a few minutes’ walk to Queen Victoria Market, where you can find fresh produce, meat, fish and a whole host of herbs and spices. There are many interesting walks in the CBD and you can enjoy a lively nightlife only minutes from your home.

Search online for rental apartment complexes in Melbourne CBD and book a tour of the development.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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