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Why You Should Be Excited About Crypto Social Networks

Blockchain technology has led to the creation of new products all designed to give users more control over their data. One of the latest products are crypto social networks. These social networks are built on top of blockchain tech and will allow users to communicate in real-time. The chats are also encrypted to enhance privacy.

Crypto social networks will also help users voice their concerns without censorship. Some of the social network’s operation on web 2.0 have been accused of gagging users whenever they raise concerns over certain social issues. There have also been numerous complaints over privacy concerns.

Decentralized Finance Systems

Decentralized finance systems, otherwise known as DeFi, operate without the need for centralized institutions such as banks. The transactions occur on a blockchain, which is a database hosted by a network of computers. Each transaction made on the blockchain is verified before being encrypted and added to the blockchain.

The idea behind blockchain technology was to give power to the people. As such, users could make transactions anonymously. Users could also have total control over their crypto assets. Governments and centralized finance institutions have been accused of exploiting the monopoly by overcharging customers.

With blockchain, users can make transactions at almost zero rates. Most crypto coins are globally accepted, meaning that users are not charged for any transactions they make when sending money to other countries. The transactions are quite fast compared to when sending fiat currencies.

Decentralized finance systems have also made it easier for entrepreneurs to crowdfund for projects. Usually, other investors can keep track of how their investments are being used. In summary, DeFi systems lead to better accountability over crowdfunded projects, minimizing the risk of fraud.

Loop Finance

Loop finance is one of the products leveraging the benefits decentralized finance and blockchain technology has to offer. It is part of the larger Loop ecosystem which, is built on the Terra blockchain. The ecosystem comprises of a social community, crypto exchange service, NFT marketplace, and a crypto wallet. You can find out more straight from the source.

Users on the community can earn free LOOPR tokens from creating informative and quality content. The community will also include plenty of educational materials to help users learn more about the Terra network.

Investors can also trade and exchange tokens on the exchange platform. You can also place your tokens in yield farms and earn more tokens in the form of interest. Lastly, if you’re into NFTs you can easily mint them in the NFT marketplace where users have total control over their smart contracts.

Bottom Line

Decentralized finance systems are the future. In recent times, more people are becoming aware of the need to protect their privacy while having total control over their assets. With DeFi systems, users can make transactions at almost zero costs. Users can also use the platform to chat with others without fear of censorship or private data getting to the wrong hands.

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