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You might be qualified for a business-based Green Card, assuming you’re working on a stable job in the US. Around 140,000 business-based Green Cards are accessible every year, even though the Green Card gives a highly durable home.

It’s not generally proper for individuals taking care of business that is short-term or will end sooner or later, for example, post-doc research posts. If you want to have a permanent residence in the USA, then you can apply to get a spouse visa to start.

As a rule, your manager should support you with your Green Card. However, numerous businesses will have their own rules covering who they will and won’t help.

You should be at a specific level inside the association or have been working there for a reasonable period, for instance.

Assuming your boss agrees to support your green card application, you will apply to one of the Green Card qualification classes described below.


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  • Let us imagine submitting a green card without business support, assuming that you fall into the category of Extraordinary EB-1. If you are a second tendency candidate with the neglect of national interest.
  • The Extraordinary Ability class is highly difficult and expects you to be among the exceptionally most elevated achievers in your field.
  • You’ll have to show your accomplishments, like winning public and global honours, telling an abnormally significant pay for your position, or being expounded on in the traditional press.
  • The best candidates in this gathering will be general-level sportspeople, entertainers, or holders of high honours like the Nobel Prize or an Oscar.
  • Getting a National Interest Waiver is also uncommon, as you’ll have to show you have excellent capacity and are coming to the US to take care of business in the country’s public interests.

What is the classification of work cards?

The type of business-based green card you can apply for will rely on your work type. Green Cards are parted into various inclination foreigner classes as follows:

EB-1: Priority labourers

The main inclination classification is EB-1, Priority workers. This class covers individuals of uncommon capacity, exceptional educators and specialists, and certain global chiefs or leaders.

Assuming that you’re applying under the outstanding capacity class, you won’t require business support, yet you should show your accomplishments through broad proof. Again, USCIS provides an example of this qualifying class as those who hold the Olympic medal, Pulitzer, or comparable gift – set a high bar for standard candidates.

EB-2: Professionals with postgraduate educations and those with remarkable capacities

This Green Card classification is for experts with cutting-edge level degrees or unfamiliar labourers who can show they have remarkable abilities. There is additionally a National Interest Waiver classification in this bunch, which is utilized for individuals with outstanding capacity coming to the US to do work in the country’s public interest.

To be allowed for a Green Card given your postgraduate education, you’ll have to show you meet the working code for the gig you’ve been offered and that you hold a postgraduate education or one more important capability with five years or a more incredible amount of work insight.

Getting a Green Card in light of uncommon capacity will expect you to hit a scope of rules, for example, work insight, essential capabilities, enrollment of expert bodies, and acknowledgement by your friends.

EB-3: Skilled, proficient Applicants

These Green Card candidates can fall into the gifted, untalented, or proficient categories. Experts will typically have a significant degree, talented labourers will have two years of practical work insight, and incompetent specialists can cover anybody accomplishing untalented work, which isn’t brief or occasional.

In all cases, you’ll require a work authentication and an extremely durable, everyday bid for employment to go down this course.

EB-4: Special Applicants

The EB-4 Green Card classification is a speciality class for exceptional labourers, covering a different scope of people, including strict specialists, the individuals who have served in the US armed force, and some physicians.

To qualify under this class, you’ll have to show your qualification in the respective field.

EB-5: Investors

People moving to the US to put resources into organizations that will make occupations for US residents might have the option to apply for an EB-5 Investor Green Card.

Changes are being made to the financial backer program presently. However, you can hope to contribute between 500,000 USD and 1 million USD and make at least ten positions for nearby individuals.

Getting a business Green Card: bit by bit

The cycle you follow to get a job that gets you a green card will depend on whether you are now in the US at the point you apply.

Assuming that you are in the US and want to move from a visa or work grant to a green card, you must follow the process of applying for the Green Card USCIS. Individuals who are not yet in the US should apply through their neighbourhood US office.

For more information about getting a Green Card based on your work or want advice on a spouse visa, reach out to great US immigration lawyers at Total Law.

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