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10 Reasons Why Using Dressmakers Dummy Is Important

This is one of the most important tools that are needed by dressmakers to make garments that are fitting very well for their customers. They can be used to either ensure that clothes made are fitting as well as be used to display clothes for sale in boutiques or fashion stores irrespective of the size or location of the store.

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Features of Dressmakers Dummy

Some of the important features of the Dressmakers dummy which makes it a valuable tool are:

  1. It is 100% adjustable to meet the needs of clients. This can be achieved by using its 10 wheels that are adjustable to change any measurement.
  2. Its fittings are of better quality than others.
  3. It has the shape of a natural body of a female which makes it an ideal dummy for displaying ladies’ wear.
  4. It is easy to pin and mark as it contains natural fabric with foam at the back.
  5. Its neck is adjustable through the use of certain control. Thus, you can control how a client wants it to be
  6. Its body is long and this feature has the advantage of making it easy to hang garments.

Advantage of Using This Dummy

Some of the reasons to make use of these tools in dressmaking are:

  1. Getting the ideal fitting for a customer is easy with this dummy. This can be done because the dummy has parts that are completely adjustable as the situation demands.
  2. When dealing with complicated designs and costumes with shapes that are very elaborate, the desired quality and shape can be achieved by making use of this tool.
  3. If you have a dummy with a size that is the same as your body size, it can help you to design clothes for personal use as it will help you to stick to the right size and shape during sewing. Additionally, investing in a quality embroidery machine can provide you with the means to add intricate and personalized designs to your garments, enhancing their overall aesthetic appeal
  4. If you are halfway through sewing and you need to take a rest or attend to some other stuff, you can just hang the cloth on the dummy instead of folding it every now and then. Resuming from where you stopped will be relatively easy.
  5. Students who are taking courses in textiles can make use of this tool to demonstrate their sewing skills and projects.
  6. Some of them have a brush for dusting clothes without damaging the fabric.

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