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5 Ways to Make Your Parking Lot Safer in Dallas

Being the third most populated city in the country means that Dallas is among cities with the worst traffic congestion in the country. As if not bad enough, the congestion occurs not only on roads but also in parking lots. This makes incidents of car parking crashes and accidents pretty common in Dallas. There are plenty of methods that you, as a business owner or property manager, can make your parking lot safer for your clientele. From proper parking striping in Dallas, TX to installing CCTV cameras, here are tips to get you started.

1. Make Sure the Parking Lot is Properly Lit

A poorly lit parking lot acts as a haven for criminals and puts your clients, your employees, and your safety at risk.  A well-lit parking lot, on the other hand, eliminates dark spaces where criminals can hide. It reduces the chances of your clients being mugged while on their way out or having their cars broken into.

2. Ensure Parking Lot Striping

Proper parking lot striping Dallas TX not only improves the curb appeal of your business but also promotes safety. How? Well, a professionally stripped parking lot ensures that both car owners and pedestrians know their designated lanes. This minimizes the chances of having someone run over on your business premises. Clear stripping also ensures that drivers are aware of the traffic flow, so they never go to the wrong side of the parking lot. Additionally, it helps them maintain logical parking configurations.

Besides safety, an adequately stripped parking lot also keeps you out of trouble with the authority in Texas as you comply with the American Disabilities act.

3. Invest in CCTV Cameras

Installing CCTV cameras within your parking lot enhances your safety and that of your clients even more by discouraging anyone with ill intentions from doing what they wanted to do. This is because they know they are being watched and can easily be tracked down.

Other than keeping criminals at bay, surveillance cameras within the parking lot help clear any misunderstandings that might occur among clients and even employees. For instance, if a customer crashes into another customer’s car, having working CCTV cameras will quickly help put the problem to rest.

4. Hire Security Guards

If you own a large enterprise, ensuring it’s properly lit, stripped, and has surveillance cameras will go a long way in promoting safety. However, it is also wise to have at least one or two security guards physically monitor it.  Why? The physical presence of a security guard helps deter crime and also saves the day as they have the skills and expertise to prevent a crime in progress quickly.

Hire the Best Parking Lot Striping Experts

Parking lot crashes and accidents are a common occurrence in Dallas. Dallas ranks 10th among cities with the worst traffic snarl-ups in the country. As mentioned, these snarl-ups extend to the parking lots as well and account for a majority of parking lot crashes and deaths that take place each year. It is of your responsibility to ensure that your premise is safe for your clientele both inside and outside.

Therefore, it’s essential that you employ the services of the best parking lot striping in Dallas, TX company. This way, it can be easy for both pedestrians and drivers to stick to their lanes and promote safety in parking lots.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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