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Factors to consider when looking for Meeting facilities

In today’s highly competitive world, it is not enough to establish a foothold in the industry. In order for Singapore companies to remain competitive and achieve success, they must find ways to make themselves stand out from their competitors. One way of doing that is by effectively using corporate meeting facilities to cater to your clients’ needs. To make sure you have a successful meeting, make sure to take these factors into account when searching for venues; for the best deals, visit https://www.arccspaces.com/my-en/solutions/meeting-facilities.

Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a venue:


If you’re planning a company outing, look for a place where your team can enjoy themselves within a short distance away from home base. You should consider a meeting place that offers good facilities on top of proximity for better convenience.


Look for one that is easy to reach via public transportation, as your employees will likely be using mass transit. If you are planning an offsite, consider the convenience of your client’s employees to reduce inconvenience and discomfort.


Are the meeting rooms able to accommodate large groups? Most hotels will have a small capacity for executive boardroom-style meetings but look for larger spaces if you’re having dinner with over 100 people attending. The team may also require breakout rooms should they need to split up for smaller group discussions during workshops or brainstorming sessions, so make sure that there are enough rooms available.


Trends change, but there are some classic items that never go out of style – good food and great services. Check what the place has to offer before signing up for a venue contract. If you’re looking for an outdoor retreat, check if they have a pool and lush greenery as well as adequate parking space and valet fees for your convenience.


There is no standard price range for any corporate event; the important thing is to find one within your company’s budget without compromising quality or service. Ensure that all staff members agree on the location as even the best meeting facilities will be useless if it loses favor due to its high cost. This will also help make sure that everyone is on the same page with their requirements and expectations of the space.

Facilities Management

Facilities management is essential for any meeting facility, as it ensures that you receive quality services for your business events or private meetings. Look out for a company that offers good staff training to ensure professional service delivery at all times. Check what will happen in case of emergencies to avoid unnecessary miscommunications during critical times.


It is essential that the venue’s design reflects your brand values so that clients can have an impression of your company’s philosophy when they walk into your event. Your choice should also match the theme, ambiance, and overall feel of the function you are holding – if you’re planning an offsite retreat, consider the views and flora that can be seen in the area. Is there adequate lighting to allow for late-night presentations or outdoor activities? Choose a venue that compliments all your business events.


Most hotels will require you to sign up for a contract with them, but before digging into the fine details, find out if they have any special offers available such as discounted rates during low season or free nights when staying over for a certain number of days. Check if your company’s membership with other organizations would get you any discounts or freebies on meeting room rentals – this saves you from additional costs and helps your company save money too.

Overall Experience

Think about what you want from a venue and how it can help achieve your desired results. If you want to save on cost, find out more about the additional charges involved, such as food and beverage outlets, room service, and internet usage. This way, you can plan ahead for any extra expenses that may arise during your event so that you won’t be met with unnecessary surprises.


As a summary, it can be said that there are many things to consider when looking for the most suitable place to hold your event in Singapore. The list above is not extensive, but it shows how much planning has to go into each function.

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