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3 Essential Tips You Need to Know Before Renting A Camper Trailer

If you love adventures and camping, a camper trailer can increase your pleasures. Due to the numerous advantages associated with camper trailers, the last two decades have witnessed a steady growth in the demand for them for various camping needs. Because of this, these trailers are widely available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Camper trailers are basically trailers intended to be towed behind a vehicle. It also incorporates a folding tent that gives you the freedom to distribute it almost anywhere.


TIP # 1: Choose the correct type and maneuverability of the camper trailer

Different types of these camper trailers differ in structure and construction material. There are four major types that we will discuss and these are fifth wheel trailers, travel trailers, pop-up trailers, and hybrid trailers (expandable). Each of these campers has the necessary facilities for your home away from home. These camper trailers are manufactured with several materials, including aluminium, steel, fibreglass, plastic, etc. However, you must know the specific characteristics of each of them to determine which would be perfect for the type of trip you would make. Most importantly, you need to be sure of their individual maneuverability to know which one to use on the road you are travelling on. Here are some details about each one:

Fifth Wheel Trailer

Fifth Wheel Trailer

Referred to as the hunchback of campers, the fifth wheel trailer usually has their upper half extended over the back of the vehicle; The vehicle, in general, is similar to a pick-up truck. The beds of these types of trucks have a special hitch installed, this coupling is called a fifth wheel hitch or gooseneck. The fifth wheel costs less than motorized RVs when it comes to square footage. Some people like the two-level floor plan caused by the installation of the hitch. The newer fifth wheels have multiple sliding outlets. These push outward and extend the square surface, allowing you to stay in one place for many weeks without intruding into anyone’s personal space. The section of the lifted neck of the fifth wheel trailer (called gooseneck) is connected on the platform of the tow vehicle to the coupling of the fifth wheel. This hitch design reduces the overall length of the trailer, and because a vast majority of the weight is on the rear axle of the truck, it improves the traction and handling of both trailers. In the event that the trailer needs repairs, the fifth wheel trailer may be left in the repair shop while you still have the use of your truck. Cool right? Also, when you arrive at your destination and have been settled down for your stay, you have a trailer that can take you wherever your dreams take you. This is much easier than driving a huge motor home to go to a nearby grocery store to buy some items. There are some disadvantages to the fifth wheel. One is that the fifth wheel travels higher than the travel trailer, so it tends to blow a little on the roads and in severe storms. The coupling of the fifth wheel limits the use of the platform of the truck to transport large articles, and the fifth wheel cannot be carried by car or truck.

Travel Trailer

travel trailer

Usually, the travel trailer is mounted on the back of a tow vehicle. They have a disposable section that can be pulled to increase the interior living space. These trailers vary in height; They can be 10 to 35 feet tall. Larger trailers can accommodate up to 8 people to sleep comfortably. The advantages of the travel trailer are many. The travel trailer offers a single-level plane compared to the upper-level bedroom of the fifth wheel. If you are using a truck to tow the RV, then you have not lost the use of the truck platform as you do with the fifth wheel. Some of the smaller and lighter models can be towed by a car or large truck. The travel trailer costs much less than fifth wheel trailers. This is especially important if you need repairs to the camper trailer. In this case, you can leave the camper trailer to be repaired and continue using your truck or van. Check the trailer tongue jack functioning carefully so that your trailer gets support properly. A good quality trailer tongue jack is very essential to ensure trailer safety. Also, when you stop at your vacation spot and set up for your stay, you have the truck or van to move around and visit other destinations. The disadvantages of these recreational vehicles come from driving the travel trailer. Larger travel trailers have a lot of influence and handling problems. These are the most difficult to direct, steer and brake of all types of camper trailers. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you drive travel trailers slowly and with caution.

Pop-Up Trailer


The pop-up camper trailer has always been a top choice for trips due to its low price. This type of small camping trailers come with trailer frames, a hardtop, bunk beds, and soft walls that come in a box. There may also be provided for folding tables and benches. A water tank is a necessity, while some pop-up camper trailers come with a stove, a refrigerator, and other appliances that make camping more comfortable. The trailer that carries the pop-up camper trailer can be attached to any vehicle and towed to the campsite. The disadvantage of this camper trailer is that it must be placed correctly once you arrive at your destination and then taken back down when you are ready to leave.

Hybrid Trailer (Expandable)


If you are going to be in a huge group, you will need large and expandable camper trailers. These big trailers can definitely give you the space you wanted. For a family, this is like labelling your house throughout your trip. It has several facilities that will make the journey comfortable, smooth and stress-free. It also provides a lot of space for the things that will be carried. While this is difficult to manoeuvre on the road, you can hire expert drivers to tow it so you can get to the campsite safely. This trailer is big enough to accommodate more than ten people.

TIP #2:Financial issue you need to know before renting a camper trailer

Just like you, more and more people are opting for hiring trailers these days, because of the budget constraint. Renting is a cost-effective option for people who aren’t regular travellers as it is affordable for them than buying a trailer. You also get to save a lot of money on maintenance and finding a parking space for them every year due to their large size. However, despite the generally lower price of renting a camper trailer compared to buying, the four significant types of camper trailer differ in price. Therefore, you need to look out for the one that fits your budget and purpose.

Usually, rental companies use the term “cost per night”. These can vary during peak vacation months. Depending on the type, size and other features that come with the camper trailer, renting it for a week can range from $1500 to $2000. However, this does not mean that the cheaper ones are less stable, safe, or sturdy. It does mean that they are more basic, meaning they will often be built with a steel and wood frame. Some may have corrugated sliding made of aluminium, and some may have insulation of fibreglass. The higher priced ones vary with the level of upgrade and amenities included. Another factor that influences rental price is mileage. This could be as low as 500 miles or as high as 1,100 miles for the week. It is imperative that you take the time out to accurately determine the mileage amounts that are included in the pricing, as this ensures that you plan correctly for really far distances. Each rental company determines their deposits based on their individual terms and conditions.

TIP3 #:Choose a suitable camping trailer rental service provider

When it comes to choosing an appropriate camping trailer service provider, you have four primary options. It is vital to go for the one that works best for you as the wrong service provider could ruin your entire trip. So, here are the four options:

The private owner of a camping trailer

On several websites online, camping trailers are being rented out by their owners. Once in a while, a person sees the need to spend big money needed to get a fully functional camping trailer for any trip. However, rather than let it sit in a parking space for months at a stretch, which could also be consuming a lot of money, they decide to make some extra money with it instead by renting it out. This is where you come in. In this kind of scenario, the camping trailers are usually given out at affordable prices per night depending on the type. The advantage of this is price and convenience. For some websites, there is the option of leaving feedback after renting some camping trailers. A bad review could mean the end of their little business as you wouldn’t want to go for such a person. As such, a private owner will ensure that the camping trailer has all its parts functional with no unnecessary leaks. Also, there may be some criteria placed on the website by the owner before authorising the private owner to rent his camping trailer. All in all, this is a great way to get your fifth wheel trailer, pop-up trailer, travel trailer, or expandable trailer for your fantastic trip.

Local Camping Trailer Dealer

A local camping trailer dealer is one that is closest to you. In this situation, you don’t have to search online first but make findings about a local dealer. You will be required to visit personally and make inspections before making your choice. The advantage of this method of choosing a camping trailer rental is that it is mostly physical. As such, what you may not have noticed while shopping online can be easily seen during a physical inspection. On the flip side, you may have to visit more than one local camping trailer dealer before you find one that suits your taste. A local camping trailer dealer usually has limited options available.

Based on website camper trailer rental

As opposed to renting from private owners of camping trailers, the website camper trailer rental is managed by the website owner fully. As such, the owner sources for camping trailers from reputable sources and puts it together on a website for your ease of access. The advantage of this is that you don’t have to go through the rigorous process of determining which ones are genuine and which are not, or having to make research on reliable sources using reviews. All these have been done as the website owner is responsible for ensuring that only top-notch camping trailers are available and for building a reputation as a reliable source.

Big Camper Trailer Rental Company

This form of camping trailer Rental Company is more diversified than the others. They offer an impressive collection of camping trailers ranging from Class A motorhomes to Class C trailers. They are usually classified according to your location, so you can easily find the one closest to you and more convenient. They provide a thorough description of the features of each model to help you make an informed decision, from the newest models to some slightly more outdated. Due to their reputation and size, you can be sure that rental companies under this category understand the in and out of the camping trailer rental business. There is little or no risk associated with using this form of rental. However, be sure to check out their terms and conditions properly before going ahead.


When it comes to having the most memorable trip of your life, either as an individual, with friends or family, renting the right camping trailer will go a long way in ensuring that it goes on without hassles. Therefore, before renting a camping trailer, look out for the essential tips highlighted in this article to help you make an informed decision. Pick the best for you based on size, features, and what you would love to enjoy in your camping trailer. Do not spend way beyond your budget and get stranded. Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun!

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