4 amazing ways to trade the major news

trade the major news
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News is the most important element in the currency market. The price movement is nothing but the result of the high impact news. If you want to secure profit by trading the large market movement, you must learn to trade the major news. News are the most important factors that can change your life. If you want to make a big profit, you must focus on the fundamental factors of the market. Without analyzing the fundamental news, it will be tough to make a consistent profit. It’s easy to say trading news is profitable but when it comes to the real market, things are very different. You must focus on the important aspect of the market. Let’s learn about 4 amazing steps that can make you a great trader.

Trade the low impact news

You need to trade the low impact news at the initial stage. Never try to trade the high impact news without having enough experience. The elite investors in Australia always prefer to trade the low impact news as it gives them more profit-taking opportunities. On the contrary the naïve investors are losing money since they don’t know the proper way to deal with the price movement. The reason for which you should trade the low impact news lies within the risk factors. Most of the time it becomes hard to deal with high volatility. But if you start trading with the low impact news, you can expect to trade the major news with low risk.

Trading the medium impact news

 After you start making consistent profit by trading the low impact news, you can start trading the medium impact news. But to trade the medium impact news, you must look for the candlestick pattern in the trading platform. Using the news data and the Japanese candlestick pattern, you can expect to make a decent profit from this market. The medium impact news will give you the perfect learning curve to trade the high impact news.

Trading the high impact news

Things becoming interesting when you start trading the high impact news. High impact news is the offers the best profit-taking opportunity to the retail traders. If you want to become a professional news trader, you must learn to trade the high impact news. Though it’s a very risky business but if you fail trade the high impact news with managed risk, you are going to have tough time. Incorporate price actin trading and risk management policy in high impact news trading strategy so that you can make a decent profit.

Using the lower period

To trade the major news you must learn to trade the lower period. The lower period trading strategy gives you more profit-taking opportunities and allows you to earn more money. But lower period trading is a very tough task. You have a strong knowledge of the fundamental factors or else it will be tough to take the right decision. By using the Japanese candlestick pattern, you can execute the orders at the critical support and resistance level. Executing the trades in lower period is not all hard. You must rely on simple logic and focus on the long term goals. But make sure you are not getting too much aggressive while trading the major news. If you do so, you are not going to become a successful trader. Control your greed and emotions at any cost.


The news trading strategy is one of the most efficient ways to secure big profits from this market. Those who are new to the trading business are losing most of the trades since they don’t have precise knowledge on risk factors. Without following the proper risk-managed policy, you can’t expect to make decent profit by trading the major news. So, learn more about advance money management policy so that you can make the right decision without risking too much.

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