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How to Ensure the Safety of Your Workplace with Safe Way Scaffolding

According to reports from OSHA, nearly 4,500 injuries and 50 casualties happen due to scaffolding-related accidents every year. Many accidents take place due to improper scaffolds with faulty planking or support mechanism.

So, you need to select the right type of safe way scaffolding to secure your workplace and construction workers. Here are the ways to do that:

Safe Way Scaffolding

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Ensure Fall Protection

When a project requires the workers to be at a height, you will need proper scaffolding that needs safety and health standards. It becomes more significant when you have multiple workers in a particular job. Ensure that you invest in a scaffold system that comes with a guardrail, fencing, or barrier netting for fall protection.

The scaffolding platforms with secure settings are recommended for builders. Whether you are working on a painting project or gutter repairs, barriers on the scaffolds prevent debris from falling while also protecting the workers.

Get Regular Inspections

Due to consistent usage, harsh onsite conditions, and inclement weather, your scaffolding may take a lot of beating overtime. Any loose end can put your workers in danger.

That is why regular inspections are essential to ensure the working conditions of the scaffolding before starting the work. It is also a legal requirement for construction businesses. Inspections need to be done by competent and well-trained technicians. Also, you require a written report after the inspection.

Keep Safety First

At a construction site or any other workplace where people work at height, it is essential to maintain safety at every point. Apart from securing the scaffolding platform, ensure that you display proper warning around the site. Barricade the area of scaffolding to keep the dangers away from workers and by-passers.

Choose the Right Type of Scaffolding

Though scaffolding is a temporary formation used for a construction project, it can differ in terms of material and structure. A majority of businesses prefer using steel scaffolding due to their strength, durability, and stability. It offers sturdy support for jobs that require multiple people working and moving at great heights.

Steel can withstand harsh weather conditions, making it fit for carrying and moving heavy loads as well.  Safe Way scaffolding also offers mobile scaffolds that you can move from one site to another with the help of durable wheels at the bottom of their structure. They are convenient for transporting materials over the site.

Cantilever scaffoldings are useful to support work platforms at sites where the ground surface isn’t strong enough to withstand the standard scaffolds. Depending on the requirements of your project and site, select the right type of scaffolding that ensures total safety.

Ensure Ease of Access

The productivity of a big project depends on the ability to complete it within the specified timelines. If your worksite has accessibility issues, it can hinder the speed of work and also affect the safety of your workers. So, you should prefer scaffolding platforms that provide seamless access to every part of the building without any safety risks.

Scaffolding puts your workers in strategic positions to finish their job. So, it is necessary to choose the right type of scaffold that guarantees their safety.

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