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DIY Homemade Hair Mask For Growth And Repair

Taking care of our hair is an absolute necessity, isn’t it? It’s a must for us to make sure to maintain their health. However, at times this can get really hard for us to do. With the constant hairstyling, exposing them to harsh sunlight, the stress and everything else combined ruins the health of our hair. Now if you are someone thinking of ways to repair your hair. You are at the right place. DIY homemade hair masks for growth and repair play a huge role when it comes to maintaining the health of our hair. They can be more effective than salon treatments as well. Here, we have listed a couple of homemade hair masks for growth and repair. All of them are absolutely amazing and will result in being quite effective as well. So let’s get started!



If you are someone who is guilty of dyeing their hair a bit too much, then this is the perfect mask for you. Now we all know chemicals in hair dye actually end up ruining our hair, right? They also end up drying up our hair and give it a bad look. If you’re someone who has dry and damaged hair, it’s a must for you to bring back your hairs moisture. This DIY avocado hair mask is the perfect option for one to bring back the moisture of their hair.

Now we are all who are big fans of avocados, don’t we? We simply love how they taste. However, they are great for one’s hair too. The fats and oils in avocados are what makes them so great for our hair.

In order to prepare the hair mask, you just need three ingredients. It’s super easy to make!


  • ½ avocado
  • 2 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 2 tablespoon honey


Simply mix these ingredients thoroughly in a bowl. After that, apply this mixture to your damp hair. Start from the top to the bottom. Now tie your hair and wear a shower cap. Put it on for some time and shower after about 30-45 minutes. That’s it!


This mask is perfect for everyone out there who has oily hair. Do you hate how fast your hair gets greasy? Does it annoy you? If yes, then opt for this amazing hair mask. Oily hair can be bad too. There should be a balance of moisture and dryness in your hair. In order to balance this out, this egg and honey DIY mask is the perfect option for you. It’s quite easy to make, and the results are absolutely amazing.

The thing with lemon is that it contains a very high level of Vitamin C. This absorbs the excess oil and grease in your hair. Moreover, it also cleans any sorts of dust in your hair. Other than that, the egg will also balance out the moisture, Eggs contain a huge amount of different vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E. These are great for good hair.


  • 1 egg
  • ½ lemon


In order to make the mask, you need to crack an egg and use the egg white. Now, pour in the lemon. Now mix these two and make sure the consistency is smooth. Apply this mixture to damp hair and cover with a towel. Wash your hair after about 45 minutes.


Turmeric is known to be great for one’s hair and even skin. There are loads of people out there who opt for turmeric curcumin extract in order to take care of their skin and even opt for turmeric pills. As much as it might be beneficial for one’s skin, it’s amazing for hair as well. Turmeric is known for stimulating hair growth and thickening one’s hair. It is known to be an amazing exfoliating cleanser for your scalp. It remains gentle on your hair while making them quite strong. This mask mentioned below will do wonders to your skin.


  • 2 spoons of turmeric powder
  • 1 spoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon milk


Mix all these ingredients and make sure to make a smooth paste. Next, apply it to your scalp and hair. Let it rest for 30-45 minutes and then wash it. This will end up nourishing your hair and will also prevent hair loss. If you’re wondering how much turmeric daily can be applied to your hair, I’d say just opt for this mask once or twice a week, not every day. It is actually great for your hair; however excess of everything is bad, right? This turmeric mask will actually do wonders for your hair, and you will fall in love with the results. It acts as a moisturizer, nourisher, prevents breakage and a lot of other stuff too.


Are you struggling with hair growth? Or tired of your damaged hair? If yes, then this mask is the perfect solution for you. It helps you achieve hair growth and also ends up cleansing your scalp. It is great for people with dandruff as well. Cinnamon actually has antimicrobial properties, and that is what actually makes this mask so effective for one.


  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon


Mix these two In a bowl. Now apply the mixture on your scalp with your fingertips. Massage for a bit and tie your hair. Leave it for around 45 minutes and then wash it. Use your shampoo to take it out of your hair and don’t forget to condition your hair after that.

Wrapping It Up

Here were a couple of DIY homemade hair masks for growth and repair. They are absolutely amazing and will end up giving you the hair you have always dreamed of. The masks are super easy to make and are quite effective as well. Try at least one of them twice a week, and you will see the results yourself!

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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