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Solar Panel Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Solar panels are a stable investment that offers a great return. If managed properly, it can bring up to 25 years’ worth of renewable energy. But how do you make sure your panels continue operating at peak efficiency? Do you leave them as is, or do they require tune-ups and repairs? Do you need help from a company like Handy Kith?

To answer these questions, we’ve divided this article into two parts:

  • Solar panel cleaning: how often you should do it, what to use, and some tips for doing it right.
  • Solar panel maintenance: the technical component, changes in production, and monitoring recommendations.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Before we list the DIY methods of taking care of your solar panels, please remember that any malfunctions or mishaps should be addressed by professionals. To avoid making matters even worse, contact teams like Handy Kith and let them resolve it. But if you’re not experiencing serious issues, a simple cleaning will do.

A solar panel for home has a photovoltaic surface that should be cleaned very gently. All you need is soft, lukewarm water and a non-abrasive sponge. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Coldwater can cause thermal shock and damage the panel.
  • Hard water may leave a white residue.
  • Cleaning agents, such as solvents and detergents, can damage the surface of the solar collectors.
  • Scrubbing tools should never be used.
  • Don’t lean too heavily on the panels.
  • Consider getting a telescopic pole so that you don’t have to climb on the roof.

Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels installation is aimed at optimum durability. The tempered glass construction allows them to withstand extreme weather conditions. So, some sort of hail should not disrupt its normal operations. Additionally, there aren’t any moving parts except for tracking mounts, which means the wind should cause problems either.

Essentially, the only thing that can significantly affect performance is electricity production. What will help you cut down on the solar panel maintenance cost is a good monitoring system. It will keep an eye on any changes in production and alert you on potential concerns.

Here are some other tips for identifying issues proactively:

  • Keep some sort of record of how the panel performs day today. See if results are consistent.
  • Inverters should be flashing green lights, which indicates the electricity use is compensated.
  • Remember that shading is detrimental to performance. The more it stays in the sun, the better it is for efficiency.
  • Have solar panels servicing information readily available.
  • Consider installing automated cleaners if you don’t have time or the area you live in has particularly harsh conditions.

All-in-all, maintaining solar panels doesn’t take much effort. As long as you have a good warranty, insurance, and quality professional help, it should serve you for a long time. Also, keep an eye on dirt and debris buildup to prevent issues from occurring in the first place. With these recommendations, your solar panel system is almost guaranteed to give clean power for many years.

When solar placement is challenging in your area, you can still find the best electricity provider for your business by using online resources to compare business energy in Texas. Look for providers that offer competitive rates, renewable energy options, and flexible plans that align with your energy needs and budget, ensuring you make an informed decision that maximizes efficiency and sustainability.

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The author is the owner of the repairing company Handy Kith. He has over a decade of professional experience in all facets of household electrical repairs. The author’s passion for aesthetics and design has helped him to launch the most in-demand company in the field.

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