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10 Reasons to have Bird Guano Expertly Removed

In and around Reading guano removal is a regular call on bird control specialists time. Smaller birds excrete up to 50 times per day and larger species. tend to go approximately 20 times a day so an infestation of even twenty to forty small birds is going to show itself in its surroundings very quickly.

Whilst you may simply consider that the waste and debris caused by birds is unwelcome but not overly important and will probably wash away in the rain, there are serious risks associated with bird guano which can prove fatal in the most virulent cases and its presence has financial and structural implications.


  1. When bird guano is breathed in by humans as either dust particles or within water droplets the ramifications are at best horrible to contend with and at worst, life threatening. From Campylobacteriosis to Psittacosis, Ornithosis to Salmonella, and Gastroenteritis, the diseases sound frightening enough without knowing about the symptoms.If you have children around the area where bird guano has built up, it’s imperative to remove it before a curious little person pops some not at all tasty guano in their mouths.
  2. A birds nest that adversely affects the ventilation system at a property can deliver health risks from these and other diseases and it increases risks of carbon monoxide poisoning when the system is blocked.
  3. Another health risk is posed by the fungus that develops in the bird droppings. Histoplasmosis can infect the lungs and has been known to cause death in sufferers.
  4. Property damage from birds’ nest building, roosting, and activities are likely to cause damage. You may not think that bird droppings could affect the value of your property but they can. Valuation of the property depends on the appearance and good repair of the space. Whilst a scratch on a window sill caused by one marauding bird or a couple of birds lodging in the eaves may be ignorable, infestations can wreak havoc. Damage can be affected by the size and species of the bird and the volume accessing your space. Solar panels and canopies have been destroyed by congregating birds; bird guano is acidic and weakens the roofing materials which leads to leaks. Birdbarrier.com advises that a warehouse roof can have its lifespan reduced by 50% even with a light but a regular peppering of bird droppings. Nest building in drains increases the likelihood of damp issues and in the worst cases has led to a collapsed roof. Drains and aerials can also be knocked by birds. The cost of remedial work to the property is greater than a swift response from Reading guano removal specialists.
  5. Similarly, vehicle damage to any modes of transport in the vicinity of the birds is common. Apart from pecks and scratches, the guano eats into the paintwork with unsightly and worrying results.
  6. Reading guano removal experts regularly discover a secondary issue caused by the waste, with an infestation of mites and fleas the most probable. Rodents are also tempted to these areas.
  7. It won’t surprise you that nesting materials are flammable. Heaven forbid that a fire starts which is perpetuated by nest creation. Guano, believe it or not, is highly flammable and has explosive qualities because it normally contains nitrate, ammonium, phosphorus, and sulfur.
  8. Bird guano is slippery when wet. So, when large amounts are allowed to sit on paths, steps, in porchways, and in communal areas, the safety risk is significant. Quite apart from not wanting to fall on the nasty substance, fall injuries lead to distress, time off work, legal action, and lingering health issues.
  9. Guano must be dealt with by qualified professionals who have trained thoroughly and have valuable experience in handling hazardous waste. Guano clearance firms have the appropriate PPE and RPE to complete the job safely and efficiently.
  10. Professionals dispose of the hazardous waste responsibly and any dead birds are treated as contaminated, as there are no guarantees that they don’t carry harmful bacteria, even after death. They damp down the guano and experts will never risk sweeping or gathering it when dry, all cleaning work complies with Health and Safety legislation. A DIY effort won’t offer the same peace of mind but it can deliver a few nasty surprises.

You wouldn’t tackle bird control measures without seeking expert assistance so why take health and safety risks regarding guano clearance? Competitively priced, effective service providers are ready to take on the task. Please don’t place yourself or anyone else in danger. Enjoy their services and maintain safety.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams is a blogger and writer who expresses her ideas and thoughts through her writings. She loves to get engaged with the readers who are seeking for informative contents on various niches over the internet. She is a featured blogger at various high authority blogs and magazines in which she shared her research and experience with the vast online community.

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