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Jay Cutler Net Worth – A Complete Analysis

Jason Issac Jay Cutler is a retired Professional American Bodybuilder. Jay is four times the winner of Mr Olympia. He is an IFBB pro. Jay is also a famous TV personality and has starred in several movies. Jay Cutler is a bodybuilder, actor, and author of the book. This article deals with the retired American bodybuilder Jay Cutler Net Worth in brief.

Early Life

Jason- Jay was born on 3rd August 1973 in Massachusetts. Jay was born in a larger family and he is the youngest of his 7 siblings. Jay attended high school in Holden. He naturally developed a great physique at the younger age of 11, when he started to work in his brother’s concrete construction business.

Although he had built a robust physique at a younger age, he had never thought of bodybuilding as a professional career. He got his degree in criminal justice and he wanted to work as a corrections officer for a maximum-security prison.

Professional Career

Jay started training for being a bodybuilder at the age of 18. He had influenced Marcos Rodriguez, his personal trainer. In beginning, Jay started lifting weights. In 1993, he started his professional journey by taking participation in the NPC Iron Bodies Invitational show. He walked home with the trophy of teenage and men’s heavyweight division.

He realized his potential lies truly in bodybuilding. It was not long until he won the tournament of champions shows. Because of his extraordinary performance in champions’ shows, he became famous and gained huge publicity.

Jay is a true legend because he earned the pro card at the age of 23 only whilst other athletes spend 10 years of hard work for it. Jay is four times Mr Olympia champion. After his glorious career in bodybuilding, there has not been a single day where he had regretted giving up the corrections officer dream.

Life of Pro Athlete Jay Cutler

During his entire professional career in bodybuilding, Jay has entered 23 competitions and had won 11 of them. Jay was very popular and was known to all as one of the greatest bodybuilders at a younger age. Jay has been featured in the cover magazine of Muscle and Fitness, Flex, and Muscular Development. He stepped on stage last time in 2013 at Mr Olympia.

Jay Cutler Net Worth

As per our prediction, the retired bodybuilding professional Jay Cutler Net Worth would be approximately 30 Million USD. Well, he managed to have such a whopping net worth of 30 Million because of his dedication to the bodybuilding industry, his movie appearance, his television show appearance, his brand name, and he also has earned royalties for his book.

Jay Cutler is not only one of the strongest bodybuilders but his Net worth has made him one of the richest bodybuilders in the world. This American IFBB professional bodybuilder, Jay Cutler Net worth of 30 Million had made him 3rd richest bodybuilder.

Jay Cutler Salary–Jay cutler once had the highest salary amongst all athletes of his era. It is said that through his fixed salary, Jay had created an income of 22 Million.

Filmography and TV Show

Jay has one documentary film name, “Jay Cutler: A Cut Above”. Apart from his documentary film he has starred in several movies such as,

  • Evolution of Bodybuilding
  • Bodybuilders
  • Generation iron
  • Gifted
  • Iron Fire and many more.

Jay Cutler has one TV show Jay Cutler/TV shows “Jay Cutler: From Jay to Z”. His TV show has everything, what workout he follows, his workout routine, diet-plan, his healthy lifestyle, and his journey of being Mr Olympia.

Author and Entrepreneur

When Jay’s successful journey, at last, came to an end in 2013, he started his brand Cutler Nutrition- His Company sells bodybuilding supplements to athletes. Cutler’s Nutrition is very popular amongst bodybuilders and Jay has collaborated his company with Amazon, an international e-commerce platform.

Jay has written one book – Jay Cutler’s No-Nonsense Guide To Successful Bodybuilding. He has embarked on his inspirational journey into words for his book. For his book and his company, Jay has to make promotions through social media.

Jay is also involved in some other small business. After retirement from professional bodybuilding, Jay has continued to grow his active and passive income.

Fashion brand

Jay has ventured into many businesses. He recently has launched his fashion brand- Cutler Athletics. His fashion brand sells men’s apparel, women’s apparel, and accessories.

His fashion brand is not limited to apparel, and it’s also selling workout accessories with workout products.

Jay Cutler Career Highlights and Facts

  • Jay Cutler’s parents were farmers. He had a huge family, so he had to start earning from an early age. He started weight lifting in his brother’s construction company.
  • During his school time, Jay was fond of football and once had decided to have a professional career in football.
  • In Jay’s teen life, one day his sister’s boyfriend brought a sports magazine. Those magazines had covered boys with athletic bodies. Jay saw that and decided to build a body to be as strong as those cover boys did.
  • Jay thoroughly learned from his mistakes, asked successful athletes about tips, read a vast body-literature of, and finally developed a training program.
  • In an IFBB professional card, Jay has won gold in the national championship among amateurs.
  • In 2011, he had serious injuries on his biceps, and his ability to compete in competitions was affected.

Personal Life

Jay had married his high school sweetheart, Kerry, in the year 1998. Kerry had supported him through his thick and thin, she always had believed in him. After 10 happy years, the couple got separated. Jay then got engaged to a fitness model, Angie Feliciano. Jay and Angie have a lot of things in common.

Wrapping Up

As of the year 2021, Jay Cutler net worth has been around 30 million USD, and that makes him one of the richest bodybuilders. Through his ventures, books, movies, TV shows, and brand names, he has earned a lot of fame. Even after retirement, Jay has always been under attention, because of his fashion brands and businesses.

Well, there is no doubt that Jay cutler is indeed one of the strongest and richest bodybuilders around the globe.

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