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Lead Generation Hacks that Experts Swear by

Lead Generation is at the heart of all sales and marketing activities and the fuel for your business growth and success.

Can you imagine how you would run your business without leads or lead generation?

In case you are wondering, leads are essentially qualified prospects that may become promoters and customers of your brand if you treat them right.

And digital marketers use many channels and tools to generate quality leads, nurture them and finally to convert them.

Yet with rising competition, the process has become more difficult than ever. So here are a few tips from lead generation expert to boost your lead gen strategy:

1.    Use automation

The advances in tech mean that much of marketing and sales can be run on auto-pilot. Automate where possible. There are countless apps and tools that streamline and automate your tasks, ranging from email campaigns to social media marketing.

For example, cold email is one of the most effective techniques to generate leads and you can now leverage automated email tools to do it all for you.

There is another advantage to marketing automation. You can leverage detailed insights and analytics, conduct split testing successfully, and make informed decisions.

 2. Create shareable and effective content

Digital marketing thrives on great content. No matter how brilliant your processes, tools, strategy, or emails, you need quality content to establish your expertise and authority.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend a bomb to deliver useful content. Simply build your value through content intelligently.

Your SEO and content should be aligned to ensure that prospects find relevant content and messaging. Create share-worthy content in your industry that builds your brand’s credibility. Enable your readers with useful, actionable, and contextual information that they can use to empower their own business.

Blogging is one of the most effective media to achieve high-quality leads.

In fact, a study by Hubspot reveals businesses that blog receive 126% higher lead growth than non-blogging businesses.

3.     Use Webinars effectively

Webinars are of course the most rapidly growing marketing tool for lead generation. The best thing about webinars is that they serve a multi-fold purpose – lead generation, nurturing, and thought leadership.

Plus, the quality of leads collected in your database with webinars is much better. A clever tip to make the most of your webinars is to host them and link it directly to your content. This is actually better than building a stand-alone, landing page for the webinar.

4.      Build kickass landing pages

You probably know how effective a lead generation landing page can be. It helps you gather useful information about a prospect and then nurture your leads.

Your core messaging on the landing page plays an important role in getting the leads to sign up.

Firstly, match your LP headline to the respective call to action. Be clear and specific in what your landing page offers. If you are offering a white paper, then say something like “Download our FREE whitepaper on Lead Generation Techniques for 2019”.

The form is also equally important. Ideally, place the form above the fold for the user to understand that there is a barter involved. Make the form very specific and easy to fill up or you will lose a prospect in the midst of complicated captchas and unnecessary fields.

5.     Master the CTA

Calls to Action (CTA)s are again all about the placement and language. Ideally, you should position them above the fold since this is the space of your webpage that’s instantly visible to the user.

Try a heat map analysis of your website to understand the best placement/areas of web pages that draw the most reader’s attention.

You can then use this analysis to find the best placement for CTAs and significantly raise the CTA impressions by placing them in the hot spots.

Did you know that CTAs have a direct correlation to leads? Make the most of your CTAs by placing them right and use strong, short, and action-oriented phrases.

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With a little effort and strategy, you can convert your digital channels into lead generation machines. You could also hire the services of a lead generation expert to study your business, find the right opportunities, and build a lead generation engine.

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