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Learn exciting facts about Kishele Shipley | About Kawhi Leonard’s Girlfriend

There is a saying follow the excellence and success will follow you which is apt for Kawhi Leonard, one of the superstars of NBA and most dominant as well as the best defender in the league. He is famous by the name of “Silent Superhero.” The reason he got this title is Klaw has always been known to be mum on any matter which is related to basketball as well as things which are personal to him. However, every eminent personality or superhero requires a wingman and for Kawhi Leonard Kishele Shipley is his wing woman. Since the year 2015 Klaw and Shipley are together.

While Klaw always wants to keep her away from the prying eyes of the public and fans, given the fact that very little information about her is available to media. However, he could not keep her hidden for a long time. The inquisitiveness of media and popularity of Klaw could not let Shipley to shy away from the media and the general public as fans and admirers of Klaw did their homework well to find as much as they can about the love of his life. So if you are interested in reading more about her then go ahead give your 5 minutes to learn about Kishele Shipley here.

Who is Kishele Shipley?

The ongoing connection of Shipley with NBA superstar, Kawho born in California (San Diego) to mother Cathy Shipley and father Kenneth Shipley in the year 1989 of the day April 10th, which makes her about two years older than her boyfriend as Leonard was born in the year 1991. She also has two sisters named, Kenisha and Kassandra.

Interesting facts about Kishele Shipley

1. In the year 2016, she gave birth to their first child

In July of the year 2016, her status upgraded from being Leonard’s girlfriend to baby mama as she gave birth to their beautiful daughter named Kaliyah. Even Kawhi’s situation changed as he also becomes the father of such a beautiful daughter. In one of the statements to media, he mentioned that having a child is a great feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

2. Kishele Shipley is an alumna of San Diego State University

Kishele Shipley studied Public Administration and attended San Diego State University. After graduating from college in the year 2012, she worked as a Human Resource (HR) professional. Kishele Shipley and Kawhi attended the same school. Hence, it is speculated that the duo met there and from their story began. In the year 2014, the couple relocated to Texas after the San Antonio Spurs selected Leonard.

3. Kishele Shipley with Leonard plan a great future together

The status of the wedding is still unknown. However, their admirers are eager to see this beautiful couple soon on altar exchanging the wedding vows. It does not matter for Kishele Shipley what people say, and she believed that both have a great future together. She started taking a deep interest in home interior and decoration. She even also created her interior decoration designs which she saves on her Pinterest account. This is a reasonable indication that she has some great plans for their future and their home which will come sooner than later.

4. Kishele and Kawhi relationship status is still obscure

Kawhi and Kishele may be living together with their daughter and much into each other, however, their relationship status is still not clear to many people while many consider her Kawhi’s partner, while others regard her as his wife. Even some of their fans believed that they both are already engaged and soon there will be wedding bells ringing. Despite all the speculations and statements, one thing is sure that Kishele and Kawhi are still together and enjoying their lives with their beautiful daughter who is about two years old.

5. Kishele is also a private person like her boyfriend Leonard

Like other sports celebrities and famous people including, Stephen Curry, LeBron James, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant you may want that one should share titbits or chunks of information with their fans and admirers and probably to the media. But this is not Kawhi.

You would not find him on Instagram or Facebook and Twitter. Even it is hard to catch him in the red carpet or a photo shoot or at any award ceremony also if he is invited as the guest of honour. It could be easily summarized that he is deeply passionate about his game and play it with everything he has. He never runs after wealth or fame; those come on their own. He is just focussed on what he is best in.

For Kishele, it is a little confusing whether she is always this private person, or this is the trait that she recently got from her boyfriend. Her family did not post any picture of Kishele and Kawhi on their social channels neither she holds any social media accounts like, Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

6. Kishele’s family is warm-hearted & love her superstar beau

Kawhi named one of the youngest NBA Finals MVP in the year 2014 just at the age of 22 since Magic Johnson. In the year 2015 and 2016, he was also named an NBA defensive player of the year. Kishele was not the only one who is head-over-heels with her boyfriend’s success and accolades. Even her family is also similarly stricken with the achievements of Leonard. There is one of the pictures where Kishele’s father is posing with Leonard’s awards and trophy.

This was all about Kishele Shipley and her famous yet superstar sports boyfriend who have been hidden from the general public and media for a long time. Now things started unfolding about their relationship and personal lives.

Stay tuned for more details as we keep Kishele Shipley details updated as soon as something new information surfaces.

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