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Searching for the Best Camera Monopod to Purchase Online

If you are a professional cameraman, you might not be able to carry out your job as effectively as you would want in the absence of a monopod.

 A monopod does not only take away the weight of the camera off your shoulders, but it also helps you have stability.

If you will be buying a camera monopod any time soon, there are lots of things you should know. A knowledge of these things will help you make the right choice when shopping for a camera monopod.

That being said, contained in this article is a camera monopod buying guide. This guide will go a long way in helping you get the most ideal camera monopod for you.

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To a large extent, monopods and tripods are used to carry out the same function. They, however, differ because of portability. All things being equal, monopods can be moved around easier than tripods can. This is one reason lots of people will pick a monopod over a tripod.

When buying a camera monopod, you need to consider how portable it is before going ahead to purchase it.

Monopod Length

Monopods come in various lengths, and these different lengths are ideal for various tasks. Going by this, you will need to consider what exactly you need a camera monopod for before buying one as this will go a long way in determining the length of monopod you will buy.

When you are trying to record something as simple as a football game for primary school children, you should get camera monopods with a short length. However, camera monopods with longer lengths are more ideal for recording activities in the wild where there are obstructions from trees and shrubs.


Before going ahead to buy a camera monopod, you should come up with a budget. Once you have a budget, it will be easy to locate a camera monopod that comes with the features you want and is around the price you are comfortable paying.

There is usually a wrong notion that more expensive camera monopods are better than cheaper ones. Although this notion is widespread, when buying a camera monopod, always bear in mind that the fact that a certain monopod camera is expensive does not mean it is good enough for you. A camera monopod might be considered top quality because of its price. But, it might not have all the features you need in a camera monopod and will, therefore, not be good enough for you.


Various camera monopods are made from different materials. And the material that a monopod is made with has a major influence on what features it offers.

A perfect example of this is monopods made from carbon fiber and monopods made from iron. When camera monopods are made from carbon fiber, they are usually durable and light. However, when they are made from iron, they are very likely to get rusted. Also, they are heavy.

With this in mind, when going for a camera monopods, you need to go for one that is made of a material that offers you the features you need.

Look Out for Durability

Durability is an important feature to be looked out for when buying a camera monopod. The material that a camera monopod is made with is a determining factor of how durable it will be.

Will you be working in a terrain that is not in any way challenging? If yes, you might not need a camera monopod with good durability. If, however, you will be working in difficult terrains and in tough weather conditions, the durability of a camera monopod should be top on the list of features you look out for when you shop for a camera monopod.

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Weight of the Camera Monopod

The weight of a camera monopod will go a long way in affecting how you make use of it and what it is able to do. If it is heavy, it might not be so mobile. This implies that you might leave it in a position for a long time. In addition to being a little too burdensome to be moved around very easily, camera monopods that come with a lot of weight have the ability to carry heavy equipment and this is one major advantage of buying a camera monopod with a lot of weight.

The various weights of camera monopods have their pros and cons. So, the exact one you buy is dependent on what you need a camera monopod for.

Consider a Monopod’s Weight Bearing Limit

Just like camera monopods come in various weight categories, the cameras that they carry are also of various weights. The implication of this is the type of camera you have has to be considered before you buy a camera monopod. If you own a heavy camera, it is vital that you get a camera monopod with the ability to carry the weight of your camera. If the weight-bearing limit of your camera monopod is less than the weight of your camera, buying it will only be equal to wasting money.

Type of Legs

The right type of leg is needed for a camera monopod to carry the weight of whatever equipment you are using for a long time. In addition to having legs with the right strength level, some camera monopods possess legs that are detachable while others come with legs that are not detachable.

Although these different types of camera monopods have their individual strong points, you will obtain greater satisfaction from your camera monopod if it has legs that are detachable.

The Monopod’s Build

Various camera monopods have different builds. Some have builds that are absolutely functional, others have builds that are a blend of aesthetics and function. Still, some have builds that are more aesthetic than functional.

When buying a camera monopod, you should not only be moved by how good it looks. You should consider how well it can function over its looks. Functionality is first, aesthetics is next.

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