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As an individual, you must understand how important it is to have an international insurance cover apart from local health insurance as well. This is especially so if you travel overseas and would require an insurance cover at that point whether you are in Singapore or Dubai or even the UK. When you pay for your insurance package, you must study the offer carefully and ensure that you receive maximum benefit from the cover.

Enhanced service

With Now Health Care International you will come across some of the best in the industry as far as service and courtesy go. Some of the areas you need to look into include ensuring that your claim is taken care of and processed quickly and without any untoward delay. Your claim should ideally be processed within five working days. When you sign up you should receive your documents within five days and if your insurance is paperless then it should take even fewer days. Ensure that when in need your service provider helps you find a hospital or clinic that comes under their purview.

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Another aspect of insurance is whether they offer you pre-authorization for your claims so that you don’t have to scramble for cash to pay the hospital in the middle of a medical emergency. This will help you from paying out of your pocket. A good international insurance service provider will have a team dedicated to advising you about the cover that you need to look for based on your current health status and other factors. In short, what you should get is a complete cover with prompt service and customer service that will have you as a priority and take care of your inquiries.

Tailor-made for you

Since you are paying for this exclusive service you must also ensure that you are covered in the various aspects of international insurance. Ensure that you go with a reliable service provider who will give you a hassle-free cover as well as after-sales service. Health care is an important part of life and with Now Health Care International you can enjoy the best in service. You will be taken care of both inpatient and daycare in a hospital and you can also change your premium amount depending on how often you might claim insurance or how often you might visit a health care center.

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With a well-established service provider you can enjoy various schemes that are tailored to suit your requirement. So you might, for instance, need a cover that will take care of physiotherapy and other alternative treatment, or perhaps what you are looking for is routine dental care as well as out-patient treatment apart from inpatient and daycare treatment.  You might even want to take a cover that will cover maternity care. All this and more is part of the service that you can enjoy with an international insurance service provider of repute.

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