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Sonya Curry: Biography, Facts & Personal Life

 It is not unusual if you did not hear the name Sonya Curry before. On the other hand, if her last name Surry reminds you of someone famous or someone else, then you might be right in your assumption, but we will shed more light on this later. This 51 years old African American Idol is the lover of sports and American School Administrator, but her athletic interest will like to be for which her fame and she will be remembered always.

Biography of Sonya Curry, Wiki, and Her Height

Sonya is born and raised in Virginia; she always been a right Virginia gal by her heart. Before marriage, she spent her beautiful life in her birthplace Radford (Virginia). Her inclination towards sports started when she was in Radford High School where she played Volleyball and Basketball. Even in both disciplines, she won the state championship.

She always wanted to be associated with her roots, and for that matter, she picked Virginia University and studied at Virginia Tech. This is when she finally decided to drop her interest in basketball and started focusing on another discipline which was volleyball. She does not have to wait long to break the records and gave some great performances in her games. In most aces recorded she hold the sixth position as she led the Hokies to a 23-14 win which is recorded in Virginia Tech’s history of a single season.

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By her final year, she experienced some colored career and culminated 69-70 record as well as her entrance in the All-Metro team. When you come to her average height of 5 feet and 3 inches it is startling to assume her success in such sport. As we know that most successful athletes are known for their tall height and well-built physique. Maybe being the volleyball player and that too an excellent one is in her genes.

In elementary education, she guaranteed with a degree and completed the minor in family studies, but before all that, she met Dell, who later got married to Curry. Her husband dell played a critical role for the Hokies basketball team at that time, and he was an athlete. As people say, her coach invited her in one of his games where Dell met Curry, and their Dell asked her out after the game. Perhaps it was their shared interest in sports or games or maybe something else when they both started seeing each other. No matter the reason, they both enjoyed each other’s company and with time their relationship blossomed, and eventually, they got married in the year 1988. When Dell was drafted, she also moved with her husband to Charlotte. This was the time when Curry finally left her home city and went out of Virginia.

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However, sports were not the only thing Curry has to embrace in her lifetime. Her Christian faith and being a very religious person, she forged her career path based on her belief, which is evident by studying her good long career as a sportsperson. In the year 1995, she opened a charitable, non-profit, private and legal academic institution – Charlotte Montessori School. As the same implies, the educational institutions followed the Montessori learning method to motivate children’s yearning to learn, independence, and creativity.

In the 2004-2005 academic year when her school won the accreditation to complete Christian Montessori School, her faith become more evident. And, the school eventually named as Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman. The academic institution accepts the children from Fifteen months to six years of age from all national heritage, creed, color, and races. The entire school is a member of the American Montessori Society and also approved by the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Instruction.

Family of Sonya Curry, Her Ethnicity and Parents

One thing is clear Sonya Curry is one beautiful woman and still admired by many for her good looks. Whether you see her Instagram feeds or meet her in person, you will find her as charming as she looks. She blessed with good looks from both her parents. In the year 1966 of May 30th, she was born in Virginia (Radford) to a Haitian mother Candy Adams and African father, Clive Ester Adams.

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Sonya with her husband Dell welcomes three children in the lives who are named Sydel, Seth, and Stephen – who are also blessed with good looks from both of their parents. Moreover, their children are not only admired for their good looks but also they excel in athletic sports as well. It is in their genes. Their first child Stephen born in the year 1988 played for Golden State Warriors and is a two-time MVP. Sydel born in the year 1994 while in Elon university she was the setter for the volleyball team. Seth born in the year 1990 also serve as the point guard for Sacramento Kings.

Her husband’s career as a professional basketball player in the NBA is the perfect illustration of their sport-athletic life. Surely, they both want to pass on their legacy through their children with pride and passion.

Few Interesting Facts

Looking back to Curry’s school days we would have easily assumed that she continued to play sports in her favorite discipline. However, her choice of leaving her sports career was not a mistake but a conscious choice. She decided to give up her sports career so she could be a better homemaker. The way she raised three beautiful children proves that her decision was right.

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All her three children Sydel, Seth, and Stephen might get their athletic genes from their parents, and huge credit goes to Sonya Curry for nurturing their talent. She used her volleyball and basketball experience to train them into superstars. Her efforts paid off big time.

Sonya Curry also excels in motivational skills which are quite useful. She revealed once in her interview with San Francisco Chronicles that she fined $100 to Stephen on his first three failed attempts for every game’s turnover. Stephen tells that this act helps him to learn from his mistakes and always kept him on edge.

Also, there were rumors about her marriage and divorce, but all shush down with time when nothing like that happened in Sonya’s life.

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