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7 Steps to Sharing Your Faith and Convincing Others to Follow Jesus

Faith is an abstract concept that is both vital and fascinating. It is not something that can be asserted, but rather something to be truly believed. It feeds the heart and soul in the same way that food does the body. Identically, it makes one’s life satisfied and successful by motivating discouraged people to embrace failure and keep trying.

For the well-being of humankind, Jesus Christ introduced humanity to the purest and the finest form of faith. He was God’s messenger sent to humanity to preach the distinction between right and wrong. As everyone knows that substantial satisfaction comes from sharing with others, one must pass on His great teachings to other people. But the question arises, what should be the mode of preaching? If you want to expand the circle of Christianity, there are several practical preaching methods.

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Steps to Sharing Your Faith and Convincing Others to Follow Jesus

  1. Avoid Debatable Beginnings

Expecting others to dive deep all at once will sabotage one’s efforts in this regard. It is preferable not to use an arguing style of preaching because it can frustrate a newbie. Instead, speak softly on less complex issues. The casual study of the Bible in a relaxed setting may lead to a less controversial and respectful discussion. With this in mind, an individual must be familiar with various texts of the Bible. To get absolute information about different volumes of the Holy Scripture, click here.

  1. Self-Analysis

Before sharing Jesus’s message with others, it is mandatory to conduct a self-analysis. Therefore, to determine the purity and strength of one’s faith, it is strongly recommended to assess one’s level of faith. As a follower of Christ, a person first must try to follow in his footsteps before directing others to do so.

Apart from a thorough examination of one’s heart, an analysis of one’s state of mind is equally noteworthy. However, to begin this spiritual journey, certain thoughts must resonate with the mind. For instance, if someone feels like reaching out to others with the message of Jesus as God’s commandment, he is the right person for this job. In addition, a person must consider the “How” and “Where” of this pursuit. So, evaluating one’s ability to work through these issues is just as crucial as evaluating one’s faith.

  1. Concentrate On a Few

It is not an appropriate strategy to begin preaching to large groups of people. As it’s a sensitive job to do, one must exercise caution to avoid making a mess. Begin by having light spiritual discussions with a close friend, relative, or coworker. Having a better understanding of one another will minimize the likelihood of a heated argument. Consequently, approaching a few people with some light dialogue can help one establish a spiritual journey.

  1. Preaching with sincere intention

Divine causes require dedication in every dimension. A person should ensure that he is not choosing this path for personal benefits. In a few churches, people pretend to preach, but they are more concerned with maintaining their status quo. Working for God’s message must be done wholeheartedly, not for the sake of impressing others or for self-interest.

  1. Be Patient and Kind

Expecting others to change their beliefs overnight is not a viable strategy. It requires a great deal of perseverance. In this era of science and technology, persuading someone to follow a religious path requires the best use of one’s convincing skills. A controlled state of mind and anger are important to avoid any mishaps. No matter how many times an interpretation of the same topic has been instigated, one should not get frustrated. Encouraging question and answer sessions aids in the maintenance of healthy discourse.

Another crucial consideration is to avoid defending any assertion that one does not understand, as incorrect justification might lead to erroneous conclusions. So, accepting not knowing something is better than making a false interpretation. It is better to request some respite to work on the correct interpretation. It will leave a good impression on the convert.

  1. Demonstrate The Love of Christ

Throughout His life, Jesus communicated a message of affection, peace, and harmony. Several events have been described in the Bible that reflect his humble and loving attitude. For example, John mentions an event in which Jesus bathed His disciples’ feet. This act carries a very important lesson for mankind. Everyone deserves to be cared for regardless of one’s position or rank. Even though He was sent to the people as a great messenger of God, He didn’t mind washing the feet of others. In this way, he conveyed the message that there is no shame in serving humanity. He also declared that harsh crimes, such as murder, are unjust and urged humanity to refrain from performing horrific acts resulting in accountability and prosecution.

  1. Trust in God

Every great cause requires a strong element of faith in God. To be effective in evangelistic activity, one must turn to God and seek his guidance. It will satisfy both the mind and the heart. Suppose a person takes the initial step by expressing a desire to promote Jesus’s message. In that case, God surely will create various opportunities to facilitate him in this pursuit.


In light of this discussion, finding a way through this predicament has become a little easier. No matter how difficult it was, Jesus Christ never gave up preaching. Likewise, one should never lose hope while performing duty since there is an ease to every obstacle. It is rightly said that every difficulty is an opportunity in disguise, so dive into the ocean of hearts to enlighten them with faith.

Sarah Williams
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