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10 Tips to Write a Killer SAT Essay

When it comes to the task to write a SAT essay, the writer should have a very specific set of skills. The thing is that a SAT essay is a very short yet tricky project. The writers have only 50 minutes to read a passage that contains 650-750 words in order to analyze all the devices that the author uses to structure the argument and compose an essay. Although the assignment seems to be quite tough, getting the desired grades for a SAT paper is within your reach.

In this eduguide, we will show you how to create a quality SAT essay. We will take you through the key 10 steps you have to take when working on this project to show you how you can accomplish a winning

1. Understand the Scoring System

The SAT essay includes three scores. Two readers are going to score your academic assignment separately and assign 1-4 scores for the following sections – Reading, Analysis, Writing. All the scores of the two readers are added together after that. These 3 scores are then provided in the SAT Essay score reports (on a 2 and 8 scale each). For instance, your possible combination of scores would be 7 Reading / 6 Analysis / 7 Writing.

When it comes to the Reading score, it demonstrates how well your essay shows that you understand the passage. As for the Analysis score, it shows how well your essay analyzes how the author chose to persuade the target audience. Writing score shows your essay’s cohesiveness, and how well your work reflects the command of the language.

2. Stay Objective

First of all, keep in mind that you’re not required to provide your point of view on a text or a topic. For that reason, you have to stay objective and maintain a formal style as you write.

3. Study SAT Essay Samples

To find out what you will be required to deal with in your SAT essays and what will be expected of you to get the desired grades in each scoring section, ensure to check some of the best SAT essay samples. As you check each prompt, take into consideration how and why the author used reasoning, persuasive, evidence, and stylistic devices. Reading SAT essay samples will help you come up with your own techniques for handling the task when it’s the test day.

4. Look for Professional Writing Help

One of the best ways to boost your analytical reading skills is by approaching professional writers for pieces of advice. Do some online research to find the best custom writing services. Before you hire an online pro writer, check each service to make sure you’re going to co-work with the most reputable. Competent writers working for a professional essay writing service know very well how to compose a top-notch term paper, book review, dissertation, or any other assignment. They will help you hone your skills and accomplish a killer SAT essay. The more you communicate with writing professionals, the more prepared you will be to get every other SAT essay done in a test setting.

5. Practice

When it comes to SAT essay responses, practice is the key. Using SAT essay samples mentioned above, set aside 50 minutes in order to work through the prompts as if you’re having a real test day prompt. When you’re done, compare your response to the one provided by the students in the samples at hand. Thus, you will be able to see all the gaps in your writing, analytics, and reading skills that you will have to fix during your preparations. If you need more objective feedback, it is recommended to team up with your fellow students, family members, or even professors. They will check your piece, highlight all the errors, and provide you with some recommendations on how to polish up your writing.

6. Always Begin with an Outline

When you’re done with the reading part, it’s time to get your thoughts together in a rough outline. Planning your introduction, body, and conclusion when you still remember the content will serve as a 100% guarantee that you won’t find yourself at the end of your response with gaps in your argument. What is more, a solid outline will help you plan your SAT essay writing by providing you with a clear sense of direction when you transit from one point to the other.

7. Be Clear

As you would for any other essay written for any other discipline, ensure you create your SAT essay in a well-connected and well-structured manner. In an introductory paragraph, provide a solid thesis statement that is related to the SAT essay prompt and ensure every segment of the body section ties back to back it up. Your conclusion should be more than just a summary of what you have written. For instance, you may give a memorable insight based on the analysis you have given or put what you have written into a broader context.

8. Plan Time for Editing

When working on your SAT essay, you may not always have time to edit and proofread it. Nonetheless, it is important to leave some time for a quick review. If you do so, you will have a chance to detect all the typos and misinterpreted information in your response. Make sure to be as critical of your SAT essay writing as possible. Use every minute left as a chance to give the best representation of both your thinking and writing.

9. Things to Skip During the Writing Stage

Word usage, grammar, spelling are always important. Nonetheless, in the case of the SAT essays, your thoughts are more important. In other words, you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about small grammatical errors or misspelled words.

10. The Key Rules to Stick to

When you get your hands on the process of writing, there are some key aspects to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to write only in the correct space.
  • Answer the question directly without adding any other unnecessary information.
  • Use a pencil as you write.

The SAT essay is used to test your writing and analytical skills. To succeed with the task, it is important to prepare. The reality is that 50 minutes may not be enough to provide a well-thought response. However, with some simple tips and tricks like the ones given above, you will have an opportunity to showcase your best work.

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