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Top 10 Reasons to Use Icynene For Your Pitched Roof Installation

Choosing to install pitched roof insulation in your home is an excellent idea as it controls the environment and the temperature of your home efficiently from the external environment. The market is filled with a wide variety of materials to use for insulating your home, but there are certain factors that need to be considered before choosing what kind of roof insulation you might want to use. One of the primary factors in this regard that you need to consider is the budget you have in hand, as the cost of pitched roof installation differs vastly, depending upon the material you choose to install.

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Having said that, there are pros and cons attached to each material, but in general, all the materials used provide comprehensive protection from the external environmental factors that make your home energy efficient and save you a considerable amount of money on energy bills while providing you comfortable inside. When it comes to the material you can consider for pitched roof installation, considering Icynene H2Foam can prove to be revolutionary, as it has numerous benefits against other materials used widely, and is also cost-effective. Here are the 10 reasons that would give you an insight into why the Icynene roof insulation installation is an ideal solution for your home or office.

  • It is cost-effective and the installation would cost you much lower when considering a long-term solution.
  • Many other insulation materials used for pitched roof insulation contain harmful chemicals and emit formaldehyde or other types of toxic substances, which is not the case with the Icynene H2Foam insulation.
  • The best part about Icynene insulation is that it never goes out of shape or loses the original installed shape, unlike other materials which wear out after a certain period of time, shows signs of cracking or damage.
  • Icynene insulation is a comprehensive pitched roof solution because it covers each and every crack, holes, and gaps possible, without fail. And, it remains like that for a very long time, ensuring there is no leakage or change in the environment inside the premise, regardless of what is the weather outside.
  • One other important characteristic of Icynene H2Foam is that it remains flexible throughout its lifespan, which means that it can be easily manipulated if the need arises and is easy to fix as well.
  • The Icynene is also one of the most preferred contemporary roof insulation materials because it is breathable and never lets the humid air stay inside or is damaged by moisture, which is generally the case with other materials used widely.
  • There is absolutely no risk of condensation, mildew or even mold with Icynene, because not only the material is breathable, it is flexible and is made of 99% air and just 1% material. It is completely water blown, very light in weight and this is the reason, it never settles as well. It never absorbs moisture but does help in transferring it. It is the first insulation material certified for maximum indoor air quality by the Envirodesic Certification Program.
  • The Icynene has been scientifically proved to provide excellent acoustic performance as well as thermal balance, which is one of the major reasons why the insulation is used and is meant for.
  • Icynene insulation is durable and can last for a long time, without the need for repair, fix, or even regular maintenance.
  • Icynene insulation, as mentioned earlier contains 99% air and therefore, it doesn’t rapidly propagate fire like other materials and contains very little amount of material that consumes fire, which is 7/8 kg/m3.

If you are considering installing pitched roof insulation in your home, garage, or even office, choosing Icynene can be greatly beneficial, and certainly will save you a considerable amount of money in the long term.

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Author Bio – Nick Spencer has been a freelance writer on home improvements, furniture, roofing insulation, and other home-oriented niches for over 7 years now and has several blogs on the subject, to help readers make the right choice.

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