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Ways to Improve Your Sleep Environment

Sleep should be a priority in every person’s life. Today there is enough information on the benefits of quality sleep, the risks of lack of sleep, and how a healthy sleeping environment is a necessity. Quality sleep has great results for your general wellbeing. There are several ways to be able to achieve the positive effects of having great sleep hygiene. Including exercises, having a regular sleep pattern, relaxing, and eating the right food.

To add on, it is important to take time and check the sleeping environment and find ways to improve it where necessary. This is essential for a bedroom environment is a great contributor to the amount of sleep you get and the quantity as well. The bedroom should be a sanctuary that is calming and helps you relax and meditate. Using it for other activities makes it a multipurpose room keeping it off its main purpose. Depending on how you find your bedroom impacting your sleep life. You can choose to upgrade it to also give a boost to your sleep quality and quantity. Some of the ways to improve your sleep environment are discussed below.

Have a comfortable bed

The comfort of a bed lies in a good mattress and quality beddings. In case you find yourself uncomfortable in your bed in comparison when you sleep on others. It could be time to change your mattress, beddings, and my pillow as well. People tend to overuse mattresses until they are worn out and a good mattress serves you best for up to 10 years. Replacing your mattresses and pillows is a great time to ensure you improve the comfort of your bedroom environment. There are many designs of mattresses that bring comfort and have headboards are of beautiful designs that will add to a fresh look in your bedroom.  Choose a mattress that suits your type of need from covers if you have allergies to certain fabrics, that cater to fitness, of offered sleep positions among other needs you might require to solve or improve for better sleep.

Keep off all electronics

The current electronics that are now found in the bedroom environment. Negatively affect sleep and it is better if they are all ditched. They do not only disrupt you from getting quality sleep due to the interruption they offer. Whether it’s a TV or cellphone they emit a blue light that is asleep stealer by making your brain active. Studies even show that knowing that your phone is close to you, alerts your brain to be active without using it. Hence, charging or keeping the phone in a different room will help you concentrate on sleep. Adjusting the alarm clock or wall clock away from where you can see it. It will help you avoid looking at the time to see how late you slept and avoid getting anxiety from the possibility of losing sleep. Arrange the bedroom in a way it does not interfere with your sleep. And if you have to have TVs in your room switch them off an hour or two before bed.

Put a fresh coat of paint

Blue, yellow, and green has been found to help in getting the most hours of sleep. Their average of the amount of sleep you can get is around 7 hours 30 minutes. These colors help to keep your mind calm and relaxed. The environment of your bedroom should not have extreme colors like red or plain white for they are associated with other things that do not sleep-related. Other colors that interfere with your room are grey, brown which is associated with depression. And purple which is known as the artistic color that stimulates the creative mind. These colors can cause you to sleep 6 hours or less which are low amounts and waking up to these colors daily will lead to increased sleep deprivation.

Check warmth and use Aromatherapy

 By checking the warmth and aroma of your bedroom environment. It is a necessity to ensure that your sleep is not affected by either of the two. It is important to keep your room cool to aid the process of cooling your body in preparation for sleep. Some people prefer to sleep naked or with lighter pajamas to avoid getting to warm to sleep well. To boost the sleep environment, you can use different scents that help induce sleep by creating a relaxing atmosphere. By ensuring that this is part of your routine, the scents from the aroma will signal the brain that it is time to sleep. Use vanilla and lavender scents that many find helpful in promoting sleep and have a lovely smell as well.

Declutter to create space

Cluttering your bedroom is a great way to create more space and organize your room. An organized room with no clutter helps your mind to clear and be calm. Clear out gym clothes, office things, dirty clothes and unnecessary hangings or furniture should be cleared. Clearing things from your room is also great to avoid making it a multipurpose room and more of a comfortable sleeping area. The TV too should be removed if you are unable to discipline yourself to keep it off on time. Since watching movies they could be too engaging and steal your sleep time. In case, you have stuff under your bed this could raise emotive energy even though they are well organized.

In conclusion, shift your mindset on how you think about your bedroom environment. To improve this environment associate it with sleep and not work or a place to watch movies. Use your room for romance and sleep and by having that mindset you can be in a better position to arrange it properly and in a way that attracts the most important purposes. It is vital to improving your sleep environment by upgrading it by buying a new bed, mattress, pillows, and floor mats and curtains. Optionally, clear out unnecessary things to boost its look and make it an appealing environment for sleep.

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