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Stop Snoring Devices

Before you resort to surgery to stop snoring there are a few things on the market when it comes to the stop snoring aid.

Sleep Monitor – there are electronic monitors that emit beeps when you slip onto your back and start snoring. This monitor is an electronic device which starts beeping while you sleep but it is a little bit annoying to you as well.

Nasal Strips – These are the most common form of stop snoring aid. You’ve probably seen commercials for them on TV, I know I have. When you wear them they make you look like Olympic swimmers or football players and they are designed to stretch your nose and nasal cavity open. I already have something that stretches my nasal cavity.

Nasal Dilators – if you aren’t a fan of wearing strips on your nose then you can stuff these pieces of plastic into your nostrils. Just remember to take them out before you get your driver’s license photo taken. If you aren’t content with cramming things into your nose, then you can also buy mouth-guard items that manipulate your mouth and jaw to stop snoring.

Pillows – there are specially designed pillows that force you to sleep on your side. When you sleep on your side there’s less of a chance of snoring as compared to sleeping on your back. Along these lines are ball-like products that you can attach to your back to prevent you from getting into a snore-prone position while sleeping. I guess this is why the Hunchback of Notre Dame doesn’t snore.

Sprays – this product will shoot chemicals down your throat to stop snoring. If they could somehow combine this with a breath spray I would buy it for sure. I would also buy it if they combined it with mace then tell my friends to try it.

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snoring treatment

Ok, that’s it for stop snoring devices while these devices are the best options for Snoring treatment. However, there is other stuff out there that you can put into your yap in some form or another but they all sound pretty unpleasant and I wouldn’t go that route unless you’ve tried the other stuff first. There’s even a machine that will shock you when it detects the sounds of your snoring. You can use a more drastic measure like that if you want, but the strips alone work pretty well and they’re easy to find. Basically, any brand with a name like “Snore Stop” or something like that will work.

Stop Snoring Surgery

Keep in mind I am not condoning or endorsing surgery to stop snoring. Along with the costs, there are always precautionary factors to keep in mind when going the surgical route. They don’t always guarantee success and of course, there can be complications.

Types of surgery to stop snoring:

Most of the surgeries that treat snoring involve some manner of doing something inside your mouth, nasal cavity, or throat to open the airway in a more permanent manner. The process of opening the throat is called Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty.

There are also processes that can shrink your tongue, reposition your jaw, reconstruct your nose, or make a direct opening into your windpipe.

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