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What Is This White Bump on My Face?

 White bumps are usually can be caused due to fungal infection or bacterial constraint. A crystal clear face is appealing and we don’t want any type of scars and marks on our face surface. But due to change in lifestyle and considering various other factors or due to pigmentation, we get a white bump on our face.

Basically, white bumps are clotted pores that burst out after a certain period of time or a short span of time. They are clearly visible on the face surface and are in minimal size with numerous growing over the face. The white bumps are not so common and are very rare but ignoring it can lead to serious effects. The white bump on the face is otherwise known as or otherwise referred to as Milia or cyst formation with respect to milium (plural form of Milia) or Milia.

White Bump or Milia on the face can appear in adults, babies, children, etc. It can be formed anywhere of the body but the most affected areas are cheeks and nose. However, it is mostly found in babies, and babies are more prone towards white bump over the face. It can be also called as acne. The baby’s mouth gum also gets affected by acne.

Brief Explanation about Milia or white bump on the face

Milia or white bump are formed on the surface of the face, just because Keratin becomes absorbed under the surface of our skin. Milium is formed in the cluster with different shapes and sizes and is grouped.

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Milia are usually a self or in-home treatment process, but nevertheless, an individual can go for diagnosis and lab tests. The white bumps usually vanish approximately in a week if it has occurred on any baby’s face or else it exists for at least two weeks in adults or children.

Milia or white bumps can be classified as two stages which are mentioned below:

  • Primary white bumps– Primary white bumps are those which appear on the normal and healthy skin.
  • Secondary white bumps– The formation of acne, Milia, or white bumps can appear in other than normal skin.

Symptoms of white bumps or Milia over the face

  • White bumps usually are 1 millimeter in size.
  • It gives rise to the formation of cysts or fluid-filled pores.
  • It also gives rise to acne similar to skin color.
  • White bumps give rise to building up Xanthelasma.
  • An individual who is sweaty in nature, they are more prone to white bumps usually referred to as syringomas.
  • Formation of certain spots, scars, or marks which appear over all over the face with respect to aging, it can be white bumps or Milia.
  • Formation of excessive black and red-colored moles all over the face.
  • An individual may experience skin related rashes or itching constraints.
  • Burning sensation, even it can cause pain if the Milia or white bumps are increasing in number or size.
  • The folliculitis becomes severe.

Causes of white bumps on the face

There can be numerous causes for white bumps on the face, but the cause can be different in different age groups. Like causing white bumps or Milia in adults can be different from causing white bumps/Milia in infants. Different causes of white bumps on the face are mentioned below:

  • Neonatal white bump–  when a newborn baby has minimal amount or number of dead skin, this gets absorbed in the form of pores below the surface of the skin, which gives rise to the formation of a cyst and gives rise to neonatal white bumps. Neonatal is basically occurred or formed in the face surface of newborn babies or infants. An around 30 to 40% of infants get affected by a white bump.
  • Skin infection or disorders- Most of our population is affected by certain skin infections; it can be hereditary or can be acquired from the surroundings. These skin infections give rise to the formation of trapped pores over the surface of the face. The pores over the face can get spread to other parts like the forehead, gums (inner part of the mouth).
  • Small accidents or injury to the skin- An individual may have faced certain skin accidents or skin injury like burns, here the skin tissue gets weak and direct towards attracting various fungus, this fungus can get trapped just below the skin and can give rise to small, clustered white bumps over the face.
  • Consumption or Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or caffeine- An individual addicted to drugs or hard drinks can make the formation of the white bump easier.
  • Excess use of cosmetic products- Cosmetic products in excess use can have after effect, probing to white bumps on the face.


White bumps are not so serious disease, but you never know to ignore a disease that can give rise to any other disease. This is usually an acute disease lasts for a very short period of time. If the white bumps persist for a longer period of time, it is recommended to visit a doctor; the doctor will examine all the skin related tests. Make sure when the physician is using the needle it is a hygienic and changed needle or else it will direct towards more skin rashes and spreading of white bumps over the face in a rapid form.


The white bumps on the face usually disappear; the white bumps on the face are nothing but acne or Milia. Once you are aware of the causes and symptoms of white bumps over the face it can be treated well. White bump over the face can be treated with grandma’s methodology or grandma’s hack like using turmeric paste, peel offs available in the market. The person can apply honey and milk mask over the areas where white bump has occurred. It is better to take a steam or vapor two times a day, vapor helps in bursting the pores.

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