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Benefits of Elevator Shoes for Shorter Men

Appearance is a major human survival factor in society according to research. A simple elevator shoe can make a significant difference in your look and more so make you taller while complimenting your style and personality. Most elevator shoes for men have a 2 to 4-inch heel to help shorter appear taller. Apart from increasing your height, elevator shoes also come with additional benefits. There are lots of advantages to wearing https://www.guidomaggi.com/elevator shoes, a few of which include the following. Keep reading.

1. Increase your height

This is the primary benefit of elevator shoes. Elevator shoes allow you to increase your height between two to four inches depending on how much height you want to gain. The good thing about these shoes is that the elevation is instantaneous and not easily noticeable. The natural look shields you from onlookers who have an eye for detail.

Elevator shoes have height boosting layers in the midsole known as shoe lifts. For that reason no one can tell if you are wearing elevator shoes because it appears like any other shoe from the outside. Height comes with unnoticeable opportunities and this is why people like to appear as tall. At this point, elevator shoes come in handy.

2. Boosted confidence

Taller men are perceived to be more attractive than shorter ones in society. Tall people are seen to get more opportunities than short individuals. People literally look down upon short people. Or better put, people treat more seriously taller individuals than shorter ones. Some are even stigmatized because of their height.

This can make one lose their confidence. By adding a few inches to their height, these individuals regain their confidence and become self-assured once more.

elevator shoes


3. Elevator shoes are comfortable with a hidden height

Elevator shoes are very comfortable, especially on the inside. They are made with a lot of care and consideration since they are mostly handmade. Most elevator shoes are made with proper materials which enhance the overall comfort of the shoe.

Comfortable shoes let you walk with ease. Legs are sensitive and that is why shoes must always be cozy. It allows you to move on with your day with ease. According to some reports, this comfort lets you go about with your day happily. At the end, your productivity goes up.

4. Elevator shoes come in different styles

Elevator shoes come in different styles. Designers make different layouts, versions, and footwear for specific occasions. This gives one the freedom to source for outstanding looks for different occasions. They also come in official, casual, and smart casual wear. We can say that elevator shoes provide you with a wide scope of options to choose from.

5. It is a painless method to boost your height

Nowadays, there are various products in the market that promise people to gain height in a short period of time. These products come with a lot of side effects which sometimes harm the health of a user. Elevator shoes increase your height instantly without harming your health. It is a safe and secure option. Besides, it comes with comfort which is vital when it comes to having a comfortable day.

6. It enhances communication

Being taller makes people pay attention to your facial expression. This makes communication way much easier for you. Elevator shoes with hidden height adjusters can help you achieve this. It usually comes out naturally as the person you communicate with effortlessly maintains eye especially when you appear taller.

When you have the attention, your audience listens and engages you. Height helps especially in a public setting. When addressing too many people, looking taller compels the listeners to pay attention. It also is easy to engage with your audience as you can see a number of them looking interested. Your audience can play a big part in making your presentation a success. With height enhancing shoes, you appear tall to your crowd and thus subconsciously command them to pay attention to you.

7. Elevator shoes improve one’s posture

As you increase your height, elevator shoes help improve your posture. It enables you to look firm with your shoulders upright. It enables one to walk right with your head up high which helps you to be confident with yourself. It boosts your attraction to unimaginable heights. It also helps improve the first impression people have on you. With an enhanced stance, you look much more organized and appealing. This will make an association with your peers smoother. In fact, you will notice it becomes easier to associate with people either in formal or informal settings.

8. Elevator shoes lead to significant business and social advantages

Women perceive taller men as superior and more attractive. Research has proven that most women prefer taller men. Women love to look up to both literally and figuratively. This makes men more confident.

In a business setting, some companies have height requirements for jobs. In games like Basketball, coaches prefer taller players for crucial positions. In sports, height is necessary as well as other job positions. Some companies opt for taller applicants among people of equal skills most of the time. Elevator shoes can be of help in all of these situations.


Elevator shoes are nothing short of the best. They are comfortable and virtually help boost height. I have highlighted some of the most common benefits of elevator shoes in this article. They are a healthy and simple way to enhance your height. The result is you feel more confident with yourself even in public.There are many different kinds of foot wear in the market but elevator shoes guarantees comfort as well as elevation. They are designed to boost confidence without compromising comfort or putting your health at risk. Feel free to visit any of the stores or online shops that sell guidomaggi elevator shoes to get that style, fashion, height and confidence you deserve.They are affordable in most shops and unique too.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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