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How long does it take for a bleaching cream to work?

Whitening your skin is a personal choice. Whatever reason you choose for whitening your skin, you have to remember that it is a marathon, not a sprint. What this means it you have to be patient before you will see results of the constant application of your beauty cream.

The patience needed when applying skin whitening creams is huge. The reason is with just a few applications you might not see any visible results. This is because there are some factors that come together to aid or hinder the results which you will get from bleaching creams.

Getting your skin lighter inspires confidence in most people. They feel people with lighter skin are more attractive, as colors seem to look better against their skin and for women, makeup looks better on them. Although there have been various arguments against skin bleaching, with skin experts saying it damages the skin, this is in cases where individuals do not go through the correct procedure. Another reason how these individuals damage their skins is by using very harsh lighting chemicals. These chemicals are not good for your skin as they are not used the right way.

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bleaching cream

The 3 main factors which determine how soon you get to see results from your skin lightening cream are;

The Ingredients that make up your lightening cream.

The concentration of the ingredients in your lightening cream will determine how soon it will start you start to see results. How active the ingredients are is also a factor you have to consider. There are different active ingredients in bleaching creams like retinoic acid, vitamin c, lactic acid, arbutin, kojic acid, malachite amongst others. The percentage of ingredients in your whitening cream will determine just how effective the cream will be on your skin. There is a consensus of equal parts 1-4 percent of active ingredients in your cream amongst others. As much as these the concentration of ingredients are important in your bleaching cream, there is another even more important factor.

Skin Type

This happens to be the most important factor when it comes to seeing results from your bleaching cream. This is so because each person reacts differently to active ingredients in creams. There are three basic kinds of skins type namely; normal, sensitive, or combination skin. For the normal skin, it might take the 2 times daily application of your bleaching cream, over a 3 month period to get the expected results. For sensitive skin, it might take less than 3 months for you to see results and combination skin could also take between less than 3 months to more than 3 months. Regarding certain sensitive areas of your body, the best bleaching cream for private areas are still the regular bleaching creams you use. The reason is your private area is always covered, making it lighter than most other parts of your body, so the constant application of bleaching creams in those areas is bound to work really fast and you see results sooner.

The next important factor that affects how soon you start to see results from your bleaching is The Colour of your Skin.

The color of your skin is another determining factor for how son your bleaching cream will work. The honest truth is, the darker you are the longer it takes for the results of bleaching to show. This is so because your skin contains more melanin. Melanin is what gives your skin the color it has and in darker people, there is more melanin. So, it takes a longer time for the active ingredients in bleaching creams to stop the melanin from working on making your skin dark again. So, this follows that if you have darker skin, it would require a lot more patience on your part before you see the results of bleaching. If you are lighter in color it would take a shorter time for the bleaching cream to work.

These are the top three factors that will determine how soon the bleaching cream will work. But there is another factor you have to consider. Whenever you purchase a product, it always comes with instructions on the application. These instructions, more often, we ignore them and use the product as we see fit. This is the wrong thing to do.

When it comes to the instructions on how to use the bleaching cream, you have to follow it religiously. If you are told to apply the cream 2 times daily, please do not exceed this. You might be of the opinion that applying the cream more times than instructed will make it work faster. On the contrary, you are placing your skin at risk. Over application of the cream might lead to certain health risks to you.

There is also the issue of under application of the bleaching cream. If you are to apply the cream 2 times a day, daily for 8 weeks, do not stop at the 4th week as this would render your bleaching cream ineffective. You cannot use a product designed to give you results in 8 weeks, stop at the 4th week, and complain about not seeing results. You have to be consistent and religious with your usage of the cream.

Above all else please be realistic when it comes to what you expect from your bleaching cream. Remember you have a lot of work to do on your part to help the bleaching process work for you. You have to be consistent, remember the whole process is a marathon and not a sprint, meaning it would take about 2 months in before you start to see results.

Those with darker skin should remember it would get worse before it gets better. You might feel the bleaching cream is not working, but truth me it is. Keep following the instructions as stated on the product, apply it the number of times you are instructed to and you will get your desired results.

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