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Children’s tips for dressing outside in winter

In the cold winter, parents of children’s clothes more headache, how to put on the appropriate clothes for their children has become the most tangled problem. Wearing too little will cause children to catch cold and get sick. Wearing too much will cause children to have difficulty breathing if they feel comfortable. Faced with the problem of winter clothes, what should we do?

Children's tips for dressing outside in winter

Be sure to dress your baby in underwear

Some parents think that the baby constantly exercise easy to sweat, if the sweat will be too much underwear wet, not timely replacement may also lead to the child cold sick, and in the winter to replace the baby’s underwear is not a simple thing, so it is better not to wear, as long as the outside to wear thick clothes can keep warm. In fact, parents do not know that the children’s clothing is generally made of pure cotton fabric, soft cotton underwear can not only absorb sweat, but also keep the air around the skin, so blocking the loss of body heat, not easy to make the baby cold sick. However, those who do not wear underwear baby will appear too much heat loss on the body surface, the body is always cold to touch, especially the lower body, it is easy to catch a cold.

Dress appropriately

The most difficult thing about winter clothing is to do the right amount. Wearing too much or too little for your child may lead to a child getting sick easily. If you wear too much, the baby will sweat more than once the activity, which will make the baby’s skin blood vessels dilate, skin blood flow increase, resulting in increased heat loss. Specifically, the baby gives out a lot of sweat, and his clothes are soaked by sweat. Instead, he catches cold from this, and also reduces the body’s ability to adapt to external temperature changes, thus reducing the child’s resistance to disease. Because the baby within six months because the body surface area is relatively large, heat dissipation, but the body heat production capacity is insufficient, so in cold weather with the child out is still should pay attention to dress warm. Judge how much the baby is dressed is appropriate, can often touch his hands and feet, as long as it is not cold that their body is warm.

Give your baby a light padded coat

A small, light, cotton-padded suit can keep you warm and windward. It’s better than wearing a few thick clothes to keep you warm, and it’s smart and easy to move. Because small cotton-padded jacket inner layer and outer layer between the bulk of cotton, it can absorb a lot of air, the skin temperature distribution of heat through the first layer of cotton-padded jacket, and then into the middle of the cotton, absorbed by the multi-layer air and retaining the skin around, and cotton-padded jacket outer layer is not easy to let the cold air invasion, it has good heat preservation effect. The thick coat does not have more space to absorb the warm air, the effect on the wind is ok, but the effect of keeping warm is much worse than the small cotton clothes.

Don’t wear cashmere pants inside out

Cashmere trousers are usually made of knitted fabric with velvet, can have softness, fleeciness, warmth preservation is very good instead, because this some mothers are wearing the opposite to the baby. However, if the opposite is worn, these villi will soon become bonded and hard because of sweat and sebum. If you rub it again when washing, it will make this situation more aggravating, and the thermal effect will therefore be weakened. Remember please: the application both hands gently purify excess moisture when washing flannel suit trousers, wool faces outside air basks in, rub gently with the hand after drying in the sun, can make wool surface maintains fluffy and soft state, must not rub forcefully.

Baby’s sweaters should be made of special wool for children

Baby’s skin is sensitive, small irritation may also cause skin allergies, so when choosing wool, texture is the most important factor to consider. Now in the market for babies to produce wool, it contains wool and ordinary wool wool is not the same as the wool, very small, and very soft, warm and good, very suitable for the baby to wear. Parents should also pay attention to: try to avoid buying wool products containing sea horse hair for the baby, because this material is easy to shed, fine hairs will be inhaled by the baby trachea and lung risk of disease. (Wholesale Kid Clothes)

Experts remind:

  • Do not give the baby to wear chemical fiber clothes, because the skin in the cold in the state of convergence, most of the blood stored in the skin deep in the muscle tissue, sweat glands secretion is reduced, so the skin is dry. And synthetic fiber clothing is easy to generate static electricity, which will aggravate the dry and opaque skin.
  • Do not give the baby to wear a turtleneck sweater or sweater, although it can resist cold, but easy to cause neck itching and urticaria.
  • Do not give babies with skin allergies to wear down cotton clothing, because it can induce skin rash and bronchospasm.

Wish every child can grow up healthily and happily, hope the article can be helpful to you. If you still have some experience of winter baby dressing, I would be happy to share it with you.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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