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Are There Cute Jeans for Mature Women

Some suggestions indicate jeans have a shelf life for women that expires roughly around the age of fifty-three. Fortunately, generations are exceeding the “expiration date,” strutting in their revived bell bottoms, rocking the varied rises, and carrying whatever wash suits their fancy; whether they choose to cuff, roll, or patch, giving them up has never been a consideration.

While it is true jeans are beloved and remain so regardless of age, the way they fit changes with time and body differences. Finding a pair that one can love and feel utter comfort in can prove daunting, with sizes varying from one brand to the next. They need to feel almost like you are not wearing anything, no gaps, no sliding down, no bulges, lumps, or bumps.

Revering jeans is one thing. Keeping them as a staple in your wardrobe is not a question. But looking incredible while wearing them is something entirely different. How is it possible to find the perfect cute jeans for women of maturity and wear them like you mean it? Let us learn together.

What Are Some Tips for Finding Cute Jeans for Mature Women

Jean shopping can be a complex experience, with the need to try on what seems like the entire shop’s inventory, often to no avail. Trusted, quality establishments like The Mint Julep Boutique assist guests with finding that perfect cute pair of jeans meant for your body.

The ideal pair should not gap at the waist, with no drooping or sagging in the rear, lumps, bumps, and imperfections will not be visible, and fear of them sliding down or zapping you with discomfort will not be an issue.

Is it possible to find this pair of dream jeans in every generation? Of course. It is a matter of keeping attuned to your body. Go to https://www.wikihow.com/Look-Good-in-Jeans-(Women) for guidance on how to look good in jeans. Then review these steps to finding the ideal jeans.

The best rise should be a focus with your purchase

The rise determines the place where the jeans will rest. It is the distance from the waist to the crotch. Women who believe they have what constitutes a “muffin top” generally avoid the low rise since this area of the body cannot go anywhere, plus the legs become visibly shorter.

A medium rise can benefit women with a body type comprising a shorter torso area with larger breasts. Some ladies want to make imperfections disappear and create a bit of added control; a higher rise has this potential. These help to tuck the “muffin tops” in while resting at the waist, an ideal “shaping” solution.

The idea of anything resting above the waist has the potential not only for discomfort but making the torso too short.

The inseam should be practical

No one wants a hem that drags on the floor, becoming dirty as the evening wears on, creating a fall risk, or making flats an impossibility. The recommendation is to wear ankle-length jeans or one that at least remains off the ground regardless of your shoe choice.

The recommendation for ladies “under the 5’3″ mark” is to keep jeans at the ankle or cropped to avoid spending money on a tailor.

You will learn to balance leg proportion in comparison to the torso

The idea of choosing jeans is to create balance where the body might be slightly uncoordinated. For instance, you might be blessed with a long torso, but the tradeoff was you have shorter legs. To create a greater sense of visual balance, you could consider a high rise with the inseam falling at the ankle.

For someone with the opposite features of longer legs and a shorter torso, the ideal rise would be medium, with the inseam falling below the ankle. A petite lady, who would be anyone under 5’3,” regardless of the body’s shape or size, must avoid the longest inseams.

If you enjoy a wide leg or a relaxed style, you can opt for these, but the length should be cropped or with a narrow cuff that can be flipped up like the “boyfriend or girlfriend” to show the ankle.

What are “boyfriend,” “girlfriend,” and “the mom” jeans?

Each option provides a relaxed fit giving wearers relief from the snug look. Still, the recommendation is only to consider two of these as worthy choices. The “boyfriend” is one offering some slouch to the jeans that rest around the top of the hips appearing baggy in the leg and thigh areas.

The “girlfriend” is also considered a “casual” fit resting below the waist, albeit these provide a slimmer leg and thigh area. With each example, a suggestion is to flip the hem once for the ankle to make an appearance. Then accessorize with a belt to create definition.

The “mom” jeans offer a baggy fit throughout with a high waist. The claim is gravity will take control of this pair causing everything to droop. There is also no forgiveness if you want to have a bit of camouflage for potential imperfections. The recommendation with this pair is to say “no.” Click here for the ideal women’s jean style guide.

Final Thought

While there will always be suggestions that jeans should not be worn after a specific age (and it seems to be getting younger), there is genuinely no point in anyone’s life when you have to stop wearing what you feel confident, sexy, and comfortable in.

Bodies will change with each new decade making it necessary to accommodate those changes with a new pair of jeans that complement those changes and balance where the body might go askew, but that does not mean giving them up.

While the perfect pair of jeans for the mature woman will look different from those she had in her youth, that does not mean they cannot be cute.

When you take cues from the tips offered here plus those of the boutique representatives, the jeans will not only look fantastic, feel incredible, disguise what you want to keep to yourself, but defy the age you declare.

Our bodies might change over the years, and the jeans might be somewhat different with time. Still, do not give them up; and never let anyone say you cannot do anything as a mature woman.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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