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The Proper Golf Attire for Women Golfers

Are you planning to participate in a golf club? Before you attend your course, you might want to know about the proper attire that female golfers are required to wear. Like in most sports, golf clubs require proper clothing as a uniform and for a more comfortable game. In this blog, I will discuss what you need to know about women’s golf attire to get ready for your course.

Women Golfers

Why Do Golf Courses Have Dress Codes?

Women express themselves and their style through the clothes they wear. But when playing golf, you can’t just wear anything you want, as golf clubs have strict rules for clothing. As you play golf, you need to feel comfortable with your clothes to maximize your performance. If your clothes are inappropriate for the activity you will do, you might end up getting distracted during the golf game.

You have to follow the golf dress code before you can participate in a course. However, you can still be stylish when golfing as many clothing lines sell stylish and premium golf apparel for women in Canada.

Proper Attire For Your Golf Course

Dress codes in different golf clubs are not exactly the same. So, it would be wise to give them a call first before your scheduled date to prepare for what they require. But here are the generally accepted golf clothes for women:

Golf Tops

Usually, women wear a collared polo shirt as a top. Besides that, turtlenecks and golf dresses are also accepted in most courses. Just don’t wear a t-shirt, tank top, or halter top as they are not considered appropriate in the sport. Plus, don’t wear something too tight to ensure you can swing your arms freely and hit the golf ball right. If you will purchase new clothes, buy ones with absorbent material for more comfort.

Golf Bottoms

Of course, your attire won’t be at its best if you don’t wear the appropriate bottoms. For that, you can wear golf skirts, shorts, or slacks. Keep in mind that athletic pants, jeans, or cargo shorts are banned. So, don’t wear them when you attend your course. In addition, if you wear a skirt or shorts, it’s better to choose a knee-length one, as some clubs don’t allow above the knee bottoms.

Golf Shoes

Golf courses usually require shoes with soft spikes and ban those shoes with metal spikes. Running shoes or sneakers are also accepted by some clubs, as long as they have a good grip on the ground and are non-metal. Other banned types of shoes are high heels, sandals, and boots.

If you are planning to buy a new pair for your golf tournament, you can purchase golf shoes that are specifically designed for the sport. Socks are also a must-have to pair the shoes like in other sports. Their fiber material helps absorb the sweat and keeps the feet dry, making golfers feel more comfortable.

Golf Accessories

Besides the clothing, golf accessories are also essential. They won’t only be needed in playing the game: Golf accessories will also complete your look! You can consider the following golf must-haves for your upcoming course:

Golf Hat

Golf hats complete women’s golf fashion. They are a perfect match for dresses, or even for tops with any bottoms. They are not required in most courses, but hats are extra gears that will allow you to maximize your golf skills. Wearing a golf hat can prevent the brightness of the sunlight from blocking your view. You can focus on your game without sunlight distraction. You can choose any stylish baseball hats or visors but don’t put on a cowgirl hat or beanie cap as they are not allowed.

Golf Sunglasses

If you don’t feel like wearing a hat, or it’s not enough to block the sunlight, you can also consider golf sunglasses. They can significantly help you lessen the brightness of the sun. However, avoid those that will give you a too dark or unclear vision, as you won’t be able to play well.

Golf Bag

A Golf bag to put all your necessities such as towel, water, or even put your make up to do a retouch later. If you have all you need in one bag, it will be easier to store and move your stuff. When buying a golf bag, don’t just pick one with great style. Look for the quality of the material and its features. Check the pockets if there are enough to keep your belongings organized. You should also inspect if the straps are comfortable for you so you can carry your bag conveniently.


Every woman wants to look good every time, including when playing golf. But Aside from looking great, consider wearing the right attire for the sport. Proper clothing won’t only ensure that they will let you participate when you go attend your golf course. It will also make you feel comfortable and help you make an excellent performance.

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