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Graduation party decor: best ideas and tips

With a huge selection of today’s decoration ideas, graduation parties no longer feel like dull get-togethers in equally decorated interiors.

Huge and colorful helium round latex balloons (like these ones https://balloons.online/latex-balloons/round-latex-balloons/) with DIY graduation hats attached to them, “diploma snacks”, school color scheme garlands with tassels, amazing chalk-board photo backdrops…

Now we will share with you some top ideas and tips for decorating your unique graduation party!

Graduation party decor

1. Entrance Signs

Custom wooden plaques with the name of the graduates’ party at the entrance will tell your guests that something great is about to happen! Decorate your entrance sign with colorful balloons to make it look festive.

2. Balloons

  • use huge 36″ helium balloons or confetti balloons and fix them at different heights: this installation looks quite impressive and is perfect for creating Instagram-worthy photos;
  • decorate huge balloons with DIY paper graduation caps;
  • use helium balloons to display graduation photos and hold little gifts for guests;
  • order number balloons to display the year of graduation — the composition will serve as an eye-catching photo backdrop;
  • make a balloon garland using a school color theme;
  • create “happy” money-filled opaque balloons to congratulate your graduate!

3. Garland with Graduation Cap Tassels

Tassels are strongly associated with graduation: use them to decorate your garland, made from paper or fabric, and then hang it on the wall or over the snacks bar!

4. Photo Backdrop

  • add fabric curtains to your backdrop;
  • use large balloons with numbers;
  • make a huge chalkboard with a beautiful frame (don’t forget to write something funny on it);
  • create a Polaroid-like photo booth (use a wooden frame painted in white for your photo wall (do you still remember how the Polaroid photos look like?).

5. Trophy Wall

Every graduate has something to be proud of!

Create a panel (preferably made of wood with a nice frame), and attach certificates and prizes, school newspaper clippings, school sports team ball, or T-shirts to it.

6. Keys To Success Board

Graduation is the beginning of a new path to future achievements, so:

  • buy a dozen of beautiful antique keys (you can easily find them at a flea market);
  • make a wooden board with a beautiful frame;
  • attach a tiny cardboard card with the guest’s name and a wish to each key;
  • fix the keys on your success board and hang them on the wall in a prominent place.

7. Photo Timeline

Here are some interesting ideas to choose from:

  • custom graduation photos banner;
  • string with the photos pinned to it (add some streamers, balloons, or flowers to make it look more festive);
  • DIY photo bouquets and table centerpieces (glue photos to long skewers and stick them into vases with the flower bouquets);
  • huge graduation memory photo board (pick up the most interesting photos, make big letters from paper-mâché and attach photos to letters).

8. Details

  • serve graduation cap cookies;
  • decorate drinking straws with small paper graduation caps;
  • make graduation cap cupcake stands (glue small DIY graduation hats to skewers and stick them into cupcakes);
  • use college flag as a tablecloth;
  • make small plaques with inspiring quotes and hang them everywhere, or paint a few globes into black and add white inscriptions to them;
  • create snacks in a form of diplomas (use wafer rolls or cake rolls).

9. What a perfect graduation party looks like?

A graduation party doesn’t have to be something grandiose: pick up simple, but beautiful and relevant ideas, get your friends together, set the mood — this is the formula for creating a perfect graduation party that you will never forget!




Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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