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7 High-Paying Jobs in Supply Chain Management You Should Apply For

With technology and energy conservation strategies, supply chain management is experiencing a huge shift towards expansion. It results in the growth of wide-ranging career opportunities. You can make a difference in supply chain operations by leading the industries and adopting more efficient systems aided with digital technology. In addition, it would help in reducing costs and delivery of services at high speed.

Here are the seven high-paying jobs in supply chain management that you should apply for to excel in the highly evolving and dynamic field.

Supply Chain Management

Senior Procurement Managers

National Average Salary: $128,784 per year

The senior-level procurement managers are responsible for handling supplies and fostering long-term relations with vendors and suppliers. They make sure that supplies are consistent with the demands of the internal teams and clients and contribute towards improving the supply chain system. To become a senior procurement manager, you should develop expertise in negotiating prices, estimating cost-benefits analysis, building and maintaining positive relations with clients and suppliers. In addition, you should also know how to supervise the overall supply chain processes closely. You can gain these skills by starting a purchasing and logistics operations career.

Global Sourcing Managers

National Average Salary: $117,188 per year

As a global sourcing manager, your duties include supervising the procurement of goods and outsourcing the workers and services. You have a chance to travel abroad in this career position as you have to source material and services from different locations. At this management position, you directly connect with company executives for reporting purposes and discuss crucial changes to upgrade the supply chain operations. In addition, you should have leadership and strong communication skills to play your role effectively in raising the efficiency of a supply chain system. In addition, a General Master of Business Administration Degree can help you gain valuable insights about changes in supply chain operations at a global level and develop a cost-effective supply chain system.

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Average Salary: $115,414 per year

You can become a strategic sourcing manager to boost your career in supply chain management. This job requires negotiation skills to build liaison with the most affordable suppliers and vendors while considering your budget. Moreover, you need to analyze purchasing decisions to develop a cost-effective strategy for procurement. A strategic sourcing manager also deals directly with the upper and executive level management to reach target goals. To be a strategic sourcing manager, you should earn an educational degree in business management, finance, economics, logistics, etc.

Sourcing Manager

National Average Salary: $109,016 per year

Suppose you are interested in upscaling an organization by providing valuable human resources. You must join the workforce as a sourcing manager. A sourcing manager is typically responsible for finding and hiring employees in a company and working in the human resource department. As a sourcing manager, you need to oversee all company activities, particularly sourcing, such as developing data of potential candidates and formulating a recruitment strategy. Other duties include heading a team responsible for job postings, assessing hiring resources, and meeting the shortage of staff at the company.

Supply Chain Systems Manager

National Average Salary: $103,038 per year

You can become a supply chain manager by developing and supervising the supply chain operations of a company. The main duties include logistics and inventory management and employees training and supervision. In addition, you are responsible for developing a framework for a company that ensures high-quality service delivery while reducing costs. You should have a strong grip on analytical skills to analyze and resolve operational challenges in the supply chain. You also have to enhance the performance of supply chain operations to meet safety and high-quality standards.

Supply Chain Engineer

National Average Salary: $87,975 per year

A supply chain engineer’s responsibilities include creating and executing a company’s complete supply chain strategy. It encompasses all business processes, from creating a product to its completion and delivery to the end-user. As a supply chain engineer, you’ll take on a supervisory role and work with a wide range of departments to identify and resolve problems. That includes transportation, production, finance, marketing, sales, and customer support. In addition, you need to formulate comprehensive policies covering all aspects of a supply chain to enhance the quality of supply chain operations.

Furthermore, as a supply chain manager, you must manage logistics and audits if required.

Supply Chain Consultant

National Average Salary: 87,591 per year

You must have the technical expertise to work as a supply chain consultant. This position demands technical skills such as grip on the JDA system and close collaboration with the IT team. You are responsible for partnering with IT experts for systems improvements. As a supply chain consultant, you raise awareness and advise business users to upgrade the efficiency of system functionality. In addition, you must possess excellent analytical and data mining skills to identify and search for patterns and relationships among different parameters. In addition, you have to provide solutions for fixing the gaps and loopholes in the supply chain system and also present and confirm the findings.


It is worth mentioning that a successful and financially stable career depends on your education, skills, and experience. Therefore, you should always strive to serve in better positions by gaining relevant skills and acquiring relevant education. It would give you a competitive edge in this highly competitive world.

Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams

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