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Tips to Help in Managing the Clean and Flawless Cuban Link Chains

The link chains you buy to add it into the accessory collection should be shiny and pristine. Regular use of the chain will regularly contact the skin, which may lead to the accumulation of substances as creams, lotions, and dirt, dust too. Any accessory can only upgrade your look if it is clean and flawless, and the Cuban link chains being a modern street wear accessory, requires complete maintenance.

The person owing these chains must know the tips to maintain that polish by cleaning regularly and also the ways to loosen up the stocked links. People use it as per their requirement as some use these iced-out chains as a necklace, while others may prefer it in the form of a bracelet. Whatever your choice is, it must be free of dirt and dust, or other impurities.

The further section explains how to maintain the polish and shine of these chains along with cleaning of stoked chain links.

Managing the Clean and Flawless Cuban Link Chains

Tips for maintaining the shine of links

  • To keep the links in the Cuban link chain for a relatively long time, it is essential to offer proper care. If you own a stoned chain, then the process of cleaning is somewhat complicated than the one without stones. If you are willing to buy a gold chain, then make sure that the purity lies between 14-karat to 18-karat as these offer premium links.
  • Do not sleep with the chain wearing; always remember to remove it at night. This step will ensure that your chain or bracelet is free from any dents and is not susceptible to damages by pressure.
  • Store the Cuban link chain carefully in a jewelry box or tray that is entirely dedicated to storing the jewelry carefully. If you go for the gold one, keeping it properly becomes more critical.
  • Wash the Cuban links properly at regular intervals, and washing with warm water will serve the purpose. Keep the chain in warm water carefully without any tangled link.
  • For better cleaning, adding a subtle dishwashing liquid will be advantageous, and you are free to use your fingertips smoothly to remove all the unwanted stacked pollutants. Using a brush will also be a better idea, but remember that you cannot be harsh on the links, especially when they are in the warm water, and avoid giving scratches to the chain.
  • For the iced-out chains with pendants, you must clear the pendant along with the chain by following proper precautions.

Tips for cleaning the stocked links in the Cuban chain

Cleaning the stocked links is always an issue with the people, but it is no more difficult to achieve specific tips.

  • The stocked links result from your carelessness; the chains that have not been cleaned for months get stocked. You may observe a layer of corrosion on the metal links if not cleaned for long. So it is essential to remove that tarnish first. For removing the tarnish from metal
  • Take a beaker and place aluminum paper at the bottom of it.
  • Add warm water to the beaker and few teaspoons filled with salt.
  • Clean the tarnished links with water and use a mild soap.
  • Now place the chain in the beaker of warm water and keep the links straight. The chain must be dipped for few minutes for the treatment to be effective.
  • Another method to clean the stocked Cuban link chain is by using vodka. It is a relatively simple method. Just dip the chain in a beaker filled with vodka and wait for about 12 hours; you will observe tremendous results after this step.

Take it out and dry with a soft cloth or towel and you will observe the refreshed polish again. If the chains are highly stocked, you can carry the treatment for few more hours so that vodka can effectively serve the task. Take a brush and start cleaning the links for further help, but the brush’s bristles should be soft enough to avoid giving any scratch to the chain.

The Cuban link chains must be cleaned from time to time for their longevity. You must have spent the money buying this amazing piece of jewelry, so taking proper precautions is a must to maintain the shine and polish of it. To clean the stocked chains with high and tarnishing, you must follow certain tips as mentioned above to attain a chain with a refreshed look.

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