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Sarah Calanthe: Career, Instagram and Personal life

Sarah Calanthe is an adult content creator and social media personality. Currently, she is 25 years old, and she started her journey as a adult star about two years ago. She is present on a lot of social media platforms and has a huge following over there

Sarah Calanthe is from the United Kingdom and was born on 3rd June 1996. She is from an ordinary British family. However, when she was young, she never thought she would grow up to be an adult star.

Sarah Calanthe
Sarah Calanthe

Calanthe is a gorgeous woman. She has beautiful blue eyes, soft blonde curly hair, and a playful attitude. No wonder she is popular among her fans.

Sarah Calanthe has a pretty good height of about 173 cm or 5ft 8in. Likewise, due to her looks and height, she is also a successful adult model and has done many live shows and photoshoots.

Sarah Calanthe’s Career

Sarah Calanthe was a regular student a few years ago. But afterward, she started sharing her nudes online. Slowly she gained popularity, and now she is a professional adult content creator. On her website, she says making adult content is her passion, and she is very happy with her current job.

Calanthe has worked on websites many adult websites. However, she also has content on different websites.  She usually spends most of her time making adult videos, and she feels lucky to have this as her full-time job.

Her main source of income is creating adult videos videos. So, of course, her Only Fans account and different social media handles have a lot of followers.

Currently, Sarah Calanthe is 23 years old and has made a decent amount for supporting her living.

Sarah Calanthe on Reddit

Reddit is a content rating and discussing website. There are people from different communities according to their interests. In the same way, people there can share their pictures, their thoughts and form a network.

For Sarah Calanthe, Reddit was the first towards her current career in adult movies. On her personal website, she mentioned when she was in school, she easily got bored with her life. So in order to have fun, she posted nude pictures of herself on Reddit. Right now, she has over ten thousand followers on Reddit, and to date, she keeps posting photos there.

Sarah Calanthe on Instagram

We are all aware of Instagram, and everyone enjoys posting pictures there, be it a celeb or a normal person. Calanthe on Instagram has a massive following of more than 91k people. There she usually posts pictures of herself in a bikini or lingerie.

Sarah Calanthe
Sarah Calanthe

We get to know some interesting facts from Sarah Calanthe’s Instagram bio. Firstly, we find that she has mentioned that she is a bisexual person. We also come to know that she owns a cat and even get some glimpses of her pet in some of her photos.

From her Instagram, we also come to know that she is involved in a polyamorous relationship. These kinds of relationships are the ones where multiple people have a relationship with each other at the same time. For example, two girls and three boys having an intimate relationship with each other will be called polyamorous.

Her OnlyFans Account

Calanthe makes a lot of her income from her OnlyFans account. OnlyFans is a content creating and sharing platform mainly for men and women making adult content. Anyone can start an OnlyFans account. Similarly, like any other content platform, the followers require to pay a subscription cost.

In OnlyFans, you can also make personal requests to your favorite creator. And once you have paid for the content, you will be able to watch what you requested.

Sarah Calanthe has a pretty big OnlyFans fanbase. There she has about 4.2k pictures, 301 videos, and even 150,000 reactions to her content. If you want to have access to her content monthly, then the cost for a month is 10 dollars. Additionally, the subscription cost for three months is 30 dollars, for six months it’s 60 dollars, and for 12 months, it’s 120 dollars.

Her Personal Life

Although she shares her intimate life on social media, we still know very few things about her. From her Instagram account, we come to know about her polyamorous relationship. Apart from that, on her website, she mentions some of her hobbies.

Even though most of the time she stays busy creating adult content, the remaining time, she prefers reading a book. She enjoys drinking tea and loves cooking and trying new recipes at home.

In contrast to her job, in her personal life, she enjoys things most women in their twenties do. She loves going on hikes and climbing mountains. She also loves visiting various countries. Ultimately when she is in her room, after a day’s work, she plays with her kitten.

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